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Find the Best Insurance Company for Your Roof Repair

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5 August 2019

Why the GAF Timberline Base Shingle is the Best Roof Repair

Many homeowners may be under the false impression that insurance companies award free new roofs to victims of storm damage roof repair. If your home does happen to become damaged by a storm and you need to file a claim for roof repair, you’ll need to complete an insurance claim accurately and wait for the claim to be approved. Here are ways to find the most suitable insurance company for your roof repair needs. 

Roofing Insurance Concerns


Every homeowner needs to be confident they have a secure roof over their heads free of air and water leaks. Since even the most well-constructed roofing systems need a periodic inspection, it’s best to work with an experienced team that is committed to serving a specific community. Ideally, it’s a free inspection provided by a trusted, certified roofer that works with multiple insurance companies. Sometimes storms are so severe they can cause unexpected damage, which is why it’s best to choose an insurance company carefully. 


While filing an insurance claim can be a confusing process, it’s best to pick a company that makes an effort to demystify the process. Insurance companies that keep the process complex and mysterious are the ones to avoid. A reputable insurance agent should be able to give you clear answers on questions about deductibles, depreciation and other common insurance concerns. 


Clarity and Peace of Mind


In the internet age, insurance companies can easily be found with the help of search engines, but it’s important to remember that not all insurance companies are equal. It’s best to work with a company that genuinely cares about helping customers rather than just using them for income. Reputable insurance companies work with roofers to arrive at clear estimates for roof repair work. They evaluate evidence such as photos and review building code information. 

Insurance adjusters often make adjustments to initial estimates to account for missing code or damage information. The best insurance companies will work closely with a roofer to determine this supplemental estimate. Ultimately, you should have a clear idea of roof repair costs and the amount of money the insurance company plans to pay. 


Finding the right insurance company for roof repair depends on how well the insurer communicates with you and your roofer. Contact us at Tri County Roofing to learn more about finding the right solutions for seamless roof repair and insurance. 

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