hail damage to roof in Lexington KentuckyHail damage to roof in Lexington Kentucky can shorten the life expectancy of your roof. As a homeowner, you should inspect your roof every now and then. If you know of a hailstorm that was in your area, checking the roof right away can help you determine if you had hail damage. Many insurance companies will fix or replace your roof if hail damage is present.

Signs of Hail Damage

If you have an asphalt roof, you will notice mineral granules in your gutters. Newer roofs are less susceptible to damage than older roofs but hail damage can occur in either case. Granules will be most prevalent on the side that was hit directly. You will also notice fresh shingle substrate and places that do not show weathering. The pitch of your roof and direction of the wind will determine the extent of the damage too. You may notice aluminum vents or fixtures on your roof also show denting and signs of hail damage. If you are unaware of a hailstorm, a roofing contractor can tell you if your roof has suffered from hail damage.

Unless you saw the hail, hail damage requires a trained eye. Hail produces unevenly spaced areas where shingle granules are missing, instead of small bald spots that have formed over time.

Metal roofs will also show dings and cedar roofing will show either pit marks or in severe cases splitting and cracks. It is important to get your roof fixed when hail damage is present because it will cause roof leaks in the future. It is much better to fix a roof that is damaged then to wait and have a bigger concern when it begins to leak and damage other areas in your home.

Beware of Scams

Storm Chasers are companies or people that keep track of hailstorms and prey on unsuspecting customers after the storm. They may offer you a free roof or solicit your business. Your best bet is to contact a local roofing company, who will be around long after the out of town company has lost interest. A local company like AIC Roofing can access the hail damage to roof in Lexington Kentucky. Once it has been determined hail has caused the damage, you can file an insurance claim and call your insurance adjuster to come take a look. Your AIC Roofing and Construction contractor will document any damage they find and meet with your adjustor to disclose what they have found.

Hail Damage To Roof In Lexington Kentucky

Call AIC Roofing and Construction for a free, no obligation consultation. This includes a complete inspection to see if and where damage has occurred. You will also receive a free estimate for repairs or replacement. AIC Roofing handles Lexington Kentucky hail damage to roof, roof repairs, leaks and other roof concerns. They also replace gutters and siding as well. If you need a company you can depend on, you can trust AIC Roofing and Construction for all your roofing needs.

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