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Real Roofing Contractors review GAF Shingles & Roof Systems

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21 February 2016

We asked several roofers if they would recommend using GAF shingles & roofing systems – here’s what they had to say!

I’ve been used GAF for a I would say the
lasttwenty years are better which started
with them and we continued with members

the color selection and style selections

so very that you can fit any type of

a really handsome look houses patter

the highlight and shadow lines are very

comapred to competitors competitors the look is is very

with the the classic Timberline
homeowners love the look because of the color and the way they look

every time we talk to a
homeowner we talk about systems

once every other competitor you’re

different manufacturers together access

it’s a very easy system to follow I
recommend GAF shingles because we’ve

had good luck with them

I recommend GAF shingles to homeowners
because the consistency in the product

we actually recommend GAF shingles to

all homeowners because they are
better product than anything else on the market

most my customers love the confidence in
the peace of mind in knowing that the

roof is backed by a guaranteed
in those rare
occasions when you have a problem

I head out to work in knowing that were
backed by GAF

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