Transform the Exterior of Your Home with Replacement Siding

The human hand is a marvel. With it, lowly materials like sand, cellulose, and cement are transformed into beautiful, rugged home siding. With it, that same siding can be expertly installed on the side of your Kentucky home, transforming it into a neighborhood jewel. 

Siding Selection

At AIC Roofing & Construction, we offer not one, but two major manufacturers in siding products. Royal Building Products and Mastic by Ply Gem offer terrific products with designs and quality suitable for nearly any application.

Both companies produce excellent products for every cladding need. Whether you want the look of fine cedar shakes, the simple, clean lines of board and batten, or the sleek modernity of lap siding, these companies have multiple product lines to tempt you. 

Celect Siding

Royal’s Celect siding is extremely popular, both for its looks and its long-lasting value. The color is baked on at the factory. The material itself is impervious to many enemies of fine Kentucky houses:

  • Insects
  • Rot
  • Weather
  • Heat and cold

Cellular Composite siding is beautiful, affordable, and long-lasting. (with much less maintenance!), it will not swell, crack or allow mold growth, and it does not absorb water the way wood siding can. 

Mastic by Ply Gem Siding

When installed by crews who demand precision and excellence in every installation, the vinyl siding from Mastic by Ply Gem is an economical, low-maintenance solution that also looks amazing. 

Vinyl siding usually cleans up with a quick sponging off, it can take pounding hail or frigid ice, it resists dents and dings from softballs, and it outlasts wood. 

Mastic offers many products to provide you, the Kentucky homeowner, with a wide range of choices, prices, and benefits. 

White sided home with blue trim and gray roof

Superior Service

The siding product, though, is only half the equation. For your new siding to really show off your home to its full potential, you need it expertly installed by experienced crews, the kind of crews AIC Roofing & Construction employs:

  • Passionately picky
  • Highly trained
  • Professionally proud

Siding is the highly visible final touch on your home. Imperfections cannot hide. Installation mistakes glare at neighbors. A crooked line, a dented vinyl shake — they look bad! When you work with the award-winning team members of AIC Roofing & Construction, you always know your home will be a showcase. Contact us today at AIC Roofing & Construction and let us help you select your stunning siding solution.