Gutters are critical to preventing costly water damage to your home and the longevity of your roof. It’s generally recommended to replace your gutters at least every 20 years. Many homeowners don’t know there are different-sized gutters or how to choose the right size for their home.

This article will provide some helpful information to select the best option for your home.

What to Know About Gutters

Your gutters are critically crucial to directing water away from your home. The standard gutter size is 5 inches. Despite the (seemingly tiny) one-inch difference, 6-inch gutters hold up to 40%-50% more water! This makes a big difference in moving water away from your home.

If your gutter system is not large enough and begins to overflow, water may run over and out of the system. This can cause wood rot, damage to landscaping, and even foundation issues. Not to mention, there is not a significant price difference between the two.

A few factors would make it even more necessary for a homeowner to choose 6-inch gutters.


6-inch gutters can make your home more structurally sound. The benefits and added curb appeal of 6-inch gutters can increase your home’s value!

Roof Steepness

The steeper your roof is, the faster water is directed into your gutters during a storm. The faster water accumulates in your gutter, the more likely it will overflow. Directing water away from your home is critical to avoiding costly issues such as foundation cracks, landscaping damage, roof leaks, and wood rot.


When it comes to cleaning your gutters, 6-inch gutters will provide you a significant advantage. Keep in mind, shingles can hang as much as 2 inches over your gutters. The added inch of gutter space offers more area for your hand, making it much easier to clean debris.

The price difference is typically minimal between 5- and 6-inch gutters. In fact, at AIC, they’re the same price! Now that you have some information on gutter sizes and their importance in preventing water damage to your Central Kentucky home, schedule your free gutter consultation with AIC Roofing & Construction.

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