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Gutters are a vital part of your home’s roof and water displacement system. When properly installed and maintained, gutters ensure your home’s foundation and roof are protected.

Gutters protect your home

Most people don’t realize that improperly installed, dented, leaking, or overflowing gutters can cause water infiltration that
sets up conditions for mold and mildew inside attics and walls. High humidity, mold, and unpleasant odors affect your family’s
health, the serenity of your home, and your home’s value. Don’t put off replacing your gutters or skip gutter maintenance.
Below are some of the important roles gutters play in protecting your property:

In addition to preventing costly damage, gutters also add beauty to your home, improving the curb appeal. The sleek, smooth
lines act as highlights, helping to frame your home and integrate roof, walls, windows, and landscaping.

Are Gutter Guards Right For You?

A gutter guard is a protective cover placed over the top of the gutter that prevents debris from creating clogs and blocking water flow. There are many different styles of gutter guards, and each one has its own pros and cons. We offer several different types of gutter guards, including mesh, aluminum, and helmet style. If you’re looking for gutter guards, we’ve got you covered!

Frequently Asked Questions About Gutters

5” is the industry standard, but we recommend 6” gutters in almost every scenario. 6” gutters have more capacity and better water flow, which keeps our building safer when there’s heavy water flow.

While this isn’t required, a 6” gutter has 25% more capacity than a 5” gutter! This means clogs are less likely, there’s less change of overflow, and less chance of overshooting. The downspout for a 6” gutter is also larger, so it can evacuate water more quickly!

K-style gutters are cheaper and more common than half round gutters. However, half round gutters have a more historical look and are a desired style for certain architectural styles. They’re also more expensive. Both K-style and half round gutters function well, the differences are only aesthetic and the “best one” depends on personal preference!

Seamless gutters are made from one continuous piece of metal, which means there are no joints on the length of the gutter. At AIC, all of the gutters we install are custom made on-site to ensure the gutter is sized correctly and will only be one piece. Regular gutters are cut into sections and trimmed at installation, which means there will be joints in the length of the gutter. Those joints, or seams, are the places where leaks are most likely to occur. Seamless gutters are much less likely to have leaks because there are no seams.

Yes! We will always recommend replacing your gutters at the same time you replace your roof. Your gutter system is part of your roofing system, as both are important in moving water away from your home and preventing damage. In addition, it’s very common for there to be damage to gutters when replacing the roof. It’s best to do both at the same time! Roofs and gutters also have a very similar lifespan, so it’s also more efficient for most people to do both projects at the same time.

A gutter system has a similar lifespan to a roof! Many gutter systems can last for 15-20 years, assuming there’s not much damage from things like wind or hail!

Do you need new gutters?

Your gutters can cause costly issues. Don’t put off repairing a simple problem and risking thousands in repair due to water damage. Some warning signs of bad gutters include:

Peeling paint and missing or rusted nails

Gutters pulling away from your home

Large puddles of water near your home after rain

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