Replacing worn gutters with new ones is essential for reducing your home’s risk of damage. New gutters ensure water moves away from your house where it won’t cause problems. Before you start looking for brand new gutters, make sure you understand basic gutter terminology.

1. Downspout

Downspouts are vertical pipes, also known as drain pipes, with a rounded or rectangular shape. Downspouts direct water from gutters to the ground so it doesn’t seep into your roof or another part of your exterior and cause damage.

2. End Cap

End caps cover the ends of gutter sections, which do more than help give gutters a more finished appearance. These coverings also help prevent excess water from escaping from gutter sections as long as they’re sealed.

3. Fascia

Fascia is a board placed under the edge of your roof, forming a barrier to help keep pests and wildlife out of your home. Some gutter systems are mounted to fascia boards. Other gutter systems use roof straps to hold gutter sections in place on houses without fascia boards.

4. Gauge

Gauge refers to the metal thickness of a gutter, which can range from light to heavy. The gauge homeowners should choose for gutters depends on factors such as the local climate and budget. For example, those living in areas with a lot of snow, rain, or wind might look into getting gutters with a thicker or heavier gauge.

5. Hangers

Hangers are components which connect sections of your gutter to the exterior of your home. While some hangers are visible, others are known as hidden hangers since they’re placed inside gutters where they’re out of view. Other types of hangers include ferrules and spikes, T-bar hangers, and exposed brackets and straps.

6. Pitch

Pitch refers to the slope of your gutters or how much they slant or tilt down. Gutters need the correct slope to ensure water can flow to the downspout. Gutters without enough slope can have water pool inside them, while gutters with too much slope can have rain pour over the sides.

If you need new gutters for your home in Central Kentucky, please contact AIC Roofing and Construction. Our experts can install high-quality gutters to keep your home safe from leaks and other damage.

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