Most homeowners don’t pay much attention to their roofs until something goes wrong. But, just like anything in your home, with regular maintenance, the life of your roof can be substantially extended, and you can likely avoid common, costly repairs.

While roof leaks do happen, whether it’s from improper installation, storm damage, or simply age – most of the time, roof leaks can be preventable. Whatever the cause, a roof leak is an unpleasant experience that can cause all sorts of damage to your home.

The AIC Roofing and Construction team is committed to helping you keep your roof in tip-top shape. We want homeowners to have the information they need to care for their homes and roof properly.

We’ve helped Central Kentucky homeowners with leaky roofs since 2003, and today we want to give you our best advice on how to prevent a leak from happening in your home. In this article, we’ll give you 7 preventative measures that you can take to help stop leaks from happening on your roof!

7 Ways to Prevent Roof Leaks Before They Happen

#1: Annual Inspections

The least hassle and most important preventative measure for your roof is having it inspected by a trusted Lexington roofing company! Roof inspections are free and come with no obligation to purchase or sign a service agreement, even if damage is found.

We recommend that homeowners get their roof inspected annually to ensure it hasn’t sustained any storm damage or there isn’t currently a leak. Often, a roof may be vulnerable or experiencing leaks without tell-tale signs (ceiling stains, etc.). Annual roof inspections enable you to repair small items before they cause major damage.

Additionally, many homeowners’ insurance policies require claims to be made within 12 months of the damaging event. You may not even know if strong winds or hail damaged your roof. Annual roof inspections allow you to make sure you’re getting the most out of your policy.

#2: Keeping Gutters Clean

Proper gutter maintenance is important to the overall health of your roof. Clogged gutters risk damage to your fascia boards and important structural points of your roof. By cleaning your gutters regularly, you’ll extend the life of your roof and help prevent damage.

We’ve replaced over 10,000 roofs in the Central Kentucky area, and we often see homeowners skip simple maintenance measures. Neglecting simple maintenance measures can wind up costing you thousands in repairs and drastically decrease the lifespan of your roof. 

Cleaning your gutters when they appear full will help prevent costly repairs. A properly functioning gutter system is critical to the longevity of your roof.

#3: Cleaning Debris Off your Roof

It’s common for tree limbs, leaves, and other debris to make their way onto your roof. Homeowners need to ensure their roof valleys are clean and that no debris is left sitting on their roofs for extended periods of time. Debris left sitting on your roof can trap water, quickly causing roof leaks. By simply removing debris in a timely manner, you can help prevent leaks and extend the life of your roof. Many companies offer roof and gutter cleaning services. If you choose to perform this task yourself, please exercise caution!

#4: Keeping Trees Trimmed Away from Your Roof

Keeping trees trimmed away from your roof will save you a lot of headaches! Trees located too close to your roof can cause damage like:

  • A quick accumulation of leaves in your gutters & roof valleys – causes a leak
  • Algae growth in shaded areas where a tree overhangs your roof
  • Damage from limbs due to storms
  • Leaks caused by trapped water from limbs resting on your roof

Trees can be very destructive to your roof. While tree trimming can be an expensive and time-consuming process, keeping your tree managed will help prevent leaks and damage to your roof.

#5: Animal Damage Prevention

We commonly see roof damage due to small animals that set up nests or attempt to burrow in or on your roof. If a bird sets up shop on your roof, its nest will trap water and likely cause a leak. If you notice any nests on your roof, it’s important to take immediate action to have them removed.

Larger animals like raccoons and squirrels may find their way onto your roof. These animals can cause major damage to your roof, ripping off shingles and burrowing through your roof into your attic.

As mentioned, trimming trees away from your roof will help eliminate easy access points for larger critters such as raccoons and squirrels. Additionally, making sure you have a chimney cap that is in good condition will help prevent nesting and unwanted guests from making their way into your home.

#6: Checking for Missing Shingles

As your roof ages, weather events such as hail and high winds can loosen and even blow shingles off your roof. You can replace the missing shingles depending on your unique home and the roof’s overall condition. However, if shingles become loose on your roof, it likely indicates a larger issue.

While one or two missing shingles may not seem like a major problem, they should be handled as soon as possible, as this will inevitably cause a roof leak. You can check for missing shingles simply by inspecting your roof and checking for any areas where you can see underlayment or a break in color.

#7: Keeping an eye out for Manufacturer Recalls

Although rare, manufacturers occasionally recall their shingles or roofing materials due to manufacturing defects. A major recall is that of Atlas Chalet and CertainTeed Horizon shingles. These shingles were primarily used in homes located in the southeast, meaning Lexington homeowners should investigate if their shingles are currently under a recall. This is something a roofing company would be able to assist with! Shingles that have failed due to manufacturing defects can likely be replaced free of charge for homeowners.

Schedule Your Free Roof Inspection Today!

The easiest way to prevent roof leaks is to inspect your roof annually! Annual roof inspections are free and can help identify repairable items before they cause major damage to your roof.

If you have more questions about your roof, we’ve got answers on our Learning Center! From how much a roof replacement will cost to how to hire a contractor, it’s important to us that we answer even your toughest questions.

AIC Roofing and Construction has served homeowners in Louisville, Lexington, and Richmond since 2003. We are in the top 2% of roofing contractors in North America to obtain the GAF MasterElite certification – something we renew every year as part of our commitment to excellence. If you’re considering a roof replacement or simply need to repair a roof leak, contact us today to schedule a free roof inspection.

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