When you need a roof replacement or home exterior updates, such as new siding or gutters, it’s essential to make sure you can afford it. Roofing and home exterior updates can be expensive, but there are various options for financing this kind of work. When you’re comparing home improvement loans, a line of credit, cash, credit cards, and other options, keep the following in mind.

Home Improvement Loan

Home improvement loans offer practical ways to pay for roofing and other work when you don’t have the money upfront. These loans often have fast approval processes and lower interest rates.

Line of Credit

A line of credit allows you to pay for a new roof or exterior work when you don’t have cash available. You might have a higher interest rate and end up making payments for an extended time, though.


Paying for roofing or exterior work in cash is the most straightforward choice. When you pay in cash, you don’t have to keep making payments over time or deal with interest rates. However, making sure you have enough money in savings for new siding, gutters, or roofing can be difficult to plan for.


A home equity loan or line of credit provides lower interest rates compared to credit cards. Keep in mind, you’ll often be paying this type of loan off longer, and the approval process can be lengthy.

Second Mortgage

Taking out a second mortgage on your home can provide a low-interest option when you need roofing or home exterior work done. However, this comes with risk since your home is used as collateral.

Credit Card

Using a credit card to cover the cost of a roof replacement or exterior work provides a convenient financing option. However, credit cards can have high interest rates, which means you’ll be paying much more overall for this kind of work.

Best Option

Working with a roofer who offers financing is the best route. Having financing available means you don’t have to put off having roofing or other work done until you can afford it. You also won’t have to worry about long approval processes or high interest rates.

If you need roofing or home exterior updates in Central Kentucky, please contact AIC Roofing and Construction. We offer financing to help homeowners ensure they can have this work done promptly.

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