Gutters play an essential role in protecting your home from water damage. So, having new gutters installed is an important preventative maintenance step. Every home is different, and the best way to learn how much new gutters will cost is to get written estimates. It’s helpful to know what factors an installer considers when drafting an estimate and determining gutter costs.

1. Number of Gutters Needed

Generally, gutter installers will recommend placing a gutter along the edge of each roof slope. This way, the gutter will catch any water tumbling off the edge of the roof. The more slopes your roof has, the more gutters you’ll need. You’ll also potentially need more downspouts. The more gutters you need, the higher your estimate.

Don’t skip a side of your roof in an effort to keep costs down. Without gutters, water tumbling off the side of your roof will run down the siding, pool at your foundation, and cause water damage overall. Repairing water damage costs more than a new gutter.

2. Length of the Gutters

Gutter installers also consider the length of the gutters when creating estimates. Longer gutters require more material, and they take longer to install. Length is a better predictor of gutter cost than roof square footage. If you happen to have a large roof with short edges, your gutter estimate could be lower than a neighbor’s estimate with long edges.

3. Number of Downspouts Needed

Generally, installers place one downspout at the end of each gutter; however, they also must ensure there are enough downspouts to match the length of gutters. Downspouts carry water away from the side of the home so it doesn’t pool near your foundation. The more downspouts you need, the higher your estimate will be. 

4. Height of Your Roof

The taller your roof, the more your gutter installer will need to charge. Working at great heights means the installation will take longer. Plus, additional safety equipment is needed when working on a multi-story home.

If you need new gutters, the first step is to arrange for an estimate. Your installer will consider all of the factors above to draft an accurate estimate. Contact AIC Roofing & Construction in Central Kentucky if you need new gutters on your home. We’ll recommend the gutters best suited to your needs and budget.

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