When you find dark stains on your roof, it means it’s infested with blue-green algae. In addition to giving your roof an unsightly coating, blue-green algae offer a breeding ground for other bacteria and plant life that can damage your roof’s integrity, leaving you with leaks and abrasions.

To help you understand how these blue-green algae can ruin your roof, top roofing contractor AIC Roofing and Construction discusses what they are and how we can help you prevent them.

Cause of Blue-Green Algae Growth

Blue-green algae, better known as Gloeocapsa magma, is a type of fungus that grows where humidity and shade are abundant in your home. Usually, these conditions are near the top of your roof where they can grow undisturbed. They get the nutrients they need from the rain that hits your home.

Roofing experts often use copper or zinc granules on the shingles to protect your roof from blue-green algae. These elements naturally halt algae formation, but they run out eventually, leaving the algae to grow again after some time.

Algae Protection

The most defense against blue-green algae is simply cleaning your roof. A good washing can remove most of the algae from your roof. Avoid using pressure washers, however, as it can physically damage your shingles.

To prevent algae formation in the first place, AIC Roofing and Construction has you covered. We offer special shingles infused with GAF’s StainGuard Plus™ technology to help fight off algae formation. Unlike other copper granules, StainGuard Plus uses thousands of time-released copper microsites to prevent algae. As a result, it inhibits blue-green algae growth for far longer than cleaning alone.

Our team is always ready to provide stellar roofing services. Contact us if your roof needs some TLC! We proudly serve homeowners in Lexington, Louisville, and Richmond Kentucky.

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