Most American homes sport asphalt shingle roofs. Yet, it’s surprising that many misconceptions about them still exist despite their popularity. In today’s post, AIC Roofing and Construction debunks the most popular myths:

1. They Look Cheap

Affordability is the number one claim to fame of these roofing products, but their economical price doesn’t sacrifice beauty. Designer asphalt shingles emulate the appearance of traditional materials, such as wood shakes and slates, featuring impressive dimensionality and high-definition colors. To casual observers, they’re indistinguishable from the real thing.

2. They Lose Their Granules Shortly After Installation

Seeing granules in the gutter is a sign of roof failure. However, most asphalt shingles shed their loose, excessive ones early on. Don’t fret when you find your gutters and downspouts containing these colorful grains. Your new asphalt shingles still have more than enough to ward off damaging UV rays.

3. They Lend Themselves to DIY Repairs

No roofing material is ideal for non-professional repairs. Nobody’s stopping you from buying supplies yourself and climbing the ladder, but fixing your own roof is a terrible mistake. If you botch the job, you might lose your product warranty and home insurance coverage for the roof.

Every asphalt shingle manufacturer has its own set of installation requirements. GAF, CertainTeed®, and Owens Corning® products may seem alike but they work differently. Failing to follow specific instructions can lead to premature shingle failure and increase the chances of leakage.

4. They Are Not Environmentally Friendly

There’s no denying that a staggering amount of old asphalt shingles get dumped in landfills every year, which can affect the environment negatively. That said, the problem is not with the roofing material’s recyclability but rather with the lack of initiative of most roofers to recycle.

If you work with an environment-conscious roofing company you can minimize your impact on nature. At AIC Roofing and Construction, we support construction waste reduction initiatives and shingle recycling.

Schedule your initial appointment with us to erase any asphalt shingle misperceptions you might still have. Call us today to discuss your roofing needs and get a free estimate. We serve Frankfort, Nicholasville, Georgetown, KY, and the surrounding communities.

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