It must be leaking. It is not leaking! Maybe it’s leaking. I guess it could be leaking. The kitchen table debate could go on all evening, but how can you tell if your roof is leaking? 

Warning Signs

Look for these warning signs of a leaky residential roof. You may not see them all in your Central Kentucky home, but if you see even one or two, contact your local roofer immediately:

  • Water stains — Drywall absorbs the dripping water from the attic above
  • High indoor humidity — Even the best attic ventilation cannot dissipate constant inflowing water
  • A musty or unpleasant smell pervading the house — Mold and mildew set up housekeeping wherever moisture allows
  • Dripping water — In your attic or, worse, in your living space
  • Dark spots on walls or ceilings — Drywall discolors and is breeding ground for mold
  • Exterior walls are discolored — Growing moss or show algae blooms
  • Shingle granules in your home’s gutters — The granules are the water resistance; their loss means your shingles are failing
  • Missing, broken, or dislodged shingles — Shingles must overlap for maximum protection
  • Damaged or missing flashing — Flashing prevents water infiltration between different materials, like a stone chimney and an asphalt shingle roof

Action Steps

Never inspect your home’s roof yourself. A roof, even a low-slope roof, is dangerous territory for unskilled feet.

From the ground, visually inspect your home and, if you feel comfortable, climb an extension ladder to check a horizontal gutter. If you see granules, or any of the other visible signs mentioned above, contact your local roofer. 

A good residential roofer can prevent further damage by installing a tarp over your damaged roof. Next, the roofer will schedule roof repairs and, if an insurance claim is warranted, work with your insurance company. 

Many residential roofs can be easily and inexpensively repaired so water leaks stop immediately. A newer roof or one with sustained obvious damage in one small area does not need to be replaced. A simple one- or two-day repair job will be the economical solution. 

More extensive damage may not show itself, however, until a roofer does a complete inspection. Depending on age and other factors, a full roof replacement may be needed to stop roof leaks. 

One call to AIC Roofing & Construction Inc. in Central Kentucky can put a stop to roof leaks permanently. Contact us today so we can help you have a safe, dry, and happy home.

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