Having new gutters installed on your home can bring you a huge sense of relief. It’s nice to know your roof, foundation, and siding will be protected from water by your new gutters. But one question is likely running through your mind as you’re having your new gutters installed: how long will the gutters last?

This is a tricky question to answer quickly. Gutters have been known to last anywhere from 20 years to 100 years. Their lifespan really depends on two factors: the types of gutters and gutter features you choose and how you care for the gutters.

How To Extend Gutters’ Lifespans

There are a few key things which help gutters last longer. The first is your material choice. Gutters made from copper last significantly longer than those made from aluminum or vinyl. In fact, some copper gutters last for 100 years when properly cared for.

Also, consider having gutter guards installed on your gutters. These guards keep leaves and other debris out of the gutters. This way, you don’t have the continued presence of moist debris in the bottom of your gutters, accelerating the corrosion process.

Finally, have your gutters professionally installed. Professional installation ensures the gutters drain properly, which reduces corrosion over time.

Maintenance Extends Gutters’ Lifespans

Once your new gutters are installed, taking good care of them will help them last longer. Clean your gutters at least twice a year. Even if you have gutter guards, check them at least once a year to ensure no debris has found its way through the guards.

Never lean a ladder or any other item directly against your gutter. Denting the gutter could impede its ability to drain. If you have trees near your home, trim them back so they don’t sweep or bump against your gutters.

If you ever notice one of your gutters is loose or sagging, contact your gutter installation company ASAP. If they make repairs soon, they can prevent further damage. Replacing a missing screw or securing a loose gutter only takes a few minutes.

Gutters don’t last forever. However, if you choose the right materials and features and take good care of your new gutters, they can last for decades. Contact AIC Roofing & Construction in Central Kentucky if you need new gutters. Our reliable installers take pride in their work and can set you up for success.

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