Roof damage can seem to strike at some of the worst times. In particular, those in areas with cold winters might find leaks strike when winter is well underway and homeowners tend to put off repair work. Here are a few facts about roof repair in the winter.

Winter Roofing Challenges

There are a few drawbacks to repairing your roof in the winter. Shingles are designed to seal in certain temperatures usually far above those in a Kentucky winter. However, your roofer should be able to tell you what to expect in terms of sealing. Furthermore, winter roofing work can be more dangerous than roofing work during other parts of the year, as snow and ice raise the risk of slips. As a result, repairs might take longer as roofers need to take extra precautions.

Scheduling Challenges

In some cases, roof repair work can be interrupted by winter weather. Furthermore, winter storms can make work impossible for days at a time, potentially complicating your repair work. If you think you may be in need of emergency roof repairs, make sure to call at the first sign of problems.

Temporary Measures?

Even if your roofing company has to delay the work due to poor weather, there are often steps they can take to protect your home. Some of the reasons why temporary measures are important to include:

    • • Ensuring your home is appropriately insulated
    • • Preventing snow and ice from entering cracks and causing further damage
    • • Melting snow and ice damaging your home

Simply installing a tarp can be enough to mitigate much of the potential damage while the weather is poor. In addition, temporary interior measures can ensure your home holds sufficient heat to reduce your heating bills. Once the weather improves, you and your roofer can coordinate to get your roof back in top shape. Furthermore, if emergency work is needed, your roofing company might be able to perform repairs even if they normally don’t work during the winter.

Construction typically takes a break during winter, but roof problems don’t. Fortunately, you’re never alone if your roof develops problems in the middle of winter. If you have roofing problems in winter or during other parts of the year in Central Kentucky, make sure to contact AIC Roofing & Construction to discover how they can help.

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