When it comes to roof replacement, customer service may not be a top concern when selecting a contractor…

Until a crew of sweaty roofers descends upon your home, tarps are put in front of your door and windows, and vehicles block your driveway, making it hard to leave.

So, how do YOU avoid this during your roof replacement and get some peace of mind?

Having a job site supervisor is critical to ensuring your roof replacement is completed quickly and according to your contract.

On-site customer service isn’t something you’d typically think of to request because it isn’t commonly provided. And it isn’t something you realize you need until you’re in the middle of your roof replacement.

A supervisor is usually an experienced roofer who provides expert technical guidance, ensures the replacement is completed as specified, and communicates regularly with homeowners. Having this intermediary drastically reduces any costly misunderstandings for homeowners and provides extra peace of mind during the process.

Below, we outline the benefits of on-site customer service and why you should ask your roofer if this is provided before making any hiring decisions.

1. Communication

Communication is difficult when a roofing crew is 20 or 30 feet in the air. If you’re concerned about the protection of your landscaping or think the color of the shingles may not be the ones you ordered – who do you ask? With a job site supervisor, you always have someone on-site to answer your questions and give status reports on your replacement.

The roof replacement process can be an intrusive one. Space is needed around your home for contractors to set up the necessary materials. Roofers often work sun up to sun down to take advantage of daylight and complete the replacement promptly. Having a job site supervisor lets you easily communicate any special needs (such as timing or space constraints).

Many roofing companies use their sales reps as “job site managers” during an installation. While sales staff may be knowledgeable about materials, they typically lack technical expertise should a roofing crew need guidance on an issue. Furthermore, they have many competing priorities during your roof replacement, such as running other sales appointments. 

2. Installation Expertise

Job site supervisors (like the ones at AIC Roofing) are typically former roofers with years of technical and management experience.

Roofers are craftsmen. Forming materials to fit oddly shaped fixtures on a roof is a difficult task. They are working on a tight timeframe and must be perfect. A job site supervisor ensures roofing crews don’t cut corners – and your roof is completed as promised.

3. Protecting Your Home

There’s more to a successful roof replacement than just ‘getting the job done.’ Having a site supervisor ensures that someone is assigned to monitoring the installation and ensuring your property is not harmed. Roofing crews may not take special care in properly protecting your landscaping and making sure the job is cleaned up (such as nails or miscellaneous materials). A supervisor is held responsible if these complaints arise from homeowners. They are appropriately incentivized to ensure the homeowner is happy from start to finish.

Additionally, supervisors verify the replacement is being completed exactly how it was agreed to. This may sound like a ‘no-brainer,’ but mistakes can happen at any level – from the back office (for example: ordering the wrong materials) to installation. Without an assigned person verifying the details of your project, the homeowner is often the responsible party for voicing any concerns or issues.

A job site supervisor is your main point of contact and the person responsible for making sure you’re satisfied with your roof replacement from start to finish. Many roofing companies skimp on this service, so ask what level of on-site customer service you receive when evaluating roofing contractors.

AIC Roofing has replaced over 10,000 roofs in central Kentucky and surrounding areas. We don’t cut corners and pride ourselves on our hundreds of five-star customer reviews. Contact us if you’re interested in receiving a free quote on your roof replacement.

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