When it comes to getting a new roof for your home, you can either have your entire roof replaced or have it reroofed. Can you put a new roof over an old roof? While you can have reroofing done, it’s important to consider the pros and cons of this type of roofing job.

Benefits of a Re-Roof

What kinds of advantages can you expect when you choose to have new shingles installed right over your old ones? Really the only benefit is you might save money on a short-term basis. While saving money right away might seem tempting, there are certain drawbacks to consider. You should keep these disadvantages in mind when weighing your options for a new roof.

Disadvantages of a Re-Roof

The drawbacks of getting a re-roof can cost you more money in various ways so it’s important to take them into consideration. These disadvantages include:

  • Delays the inevitable replacement. Re-roofing ends up costing you more through additional repairs when leaks start happening sooner rather than later. You may also have extra damage to your roof and the inside of your home.
  • Increases the risk of structural damage. An extra layer of shingles on your roof means more weight on your home. This extra weight can result in severe structural damage, which could make your home unsafe and cost you a significant amount of money to repair.
  • Misses hidden damage. Because your existing roof isn’t removed, extended wear and tear or damage can stay hidden. This can allow leaks to continue and lead to serious water damage, mold growth, and costly repairs.

Where to Find a Roofer for a Roof Replacement

When you need to have your roof replaced, it’s important to find a reliable roofing company. AIC Roofing & Construction provides dependable, high-quality roof replacement services. Our roofing experts can help you choose the right new roof for your home and handle the entire replacement process.

Whether you have water leaks, damaged shingles, an aging roof, or other issues, you can rely on our roofing professionals for exceptional service. We have years of experience replacing roofs for Central Kentucky homeowners. Contact us today to learn more about our services.

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