One of the world’s oldest buildings is Scotland’s Knap of Howar, a Neolithic farmstead dating back to around 3700-2800 BCE. It has no roof. No roofing material lasts forever. When you are told by a reliable, local roofing contractor that your Kentucky home needs roof replacement, you might wonder, “What goes into a full roof replacement?” 


Residential roofs are like onions. They have layers. They can also make you cry, especially when your roofer says you need a complete new roof. Before visions of empty pockets swim in your head, rest assured: the right roofer can help you get a new roof without busting your budget. The layers any good roofer will examine are:

  • The roof deck, including rafters, ridge beam, purlins
  • Sheathing
  • Underlayment
  • Field shingles
  • Valleys and ridges
  • Flashing
  • Ridge vents
  • Soffits and eaves
  • Gutters and downspouts

A roof is an integrated system of many parts. With a complete roof replacement, all those parts need inspection and evaluation.

  • Are the rafters bowed, cupped, sprung, or twisted? Sometimes rafters snap altogether. Is the sheathing intact? Does it show signs of mold or water damage? 
  • Moving outside, the roofer examines your field shingles and underlayment. The inspection includes flashing (the metal covering gaps between unlike materials), valleys, caulking and ridge vents.
  • All roof piercings (sanitary stacks, kitchen and bath vents) need to have their rubber boots checked. 

Complete Roof Replacement

Answering the question, “What is a complete roof replacement?” could include some or all of those layers. The part which makes you cry is the cost.

Yet a full roof replacement — even one starting at the rafters — is far less expensive than a houseful of ruined, water-damaged furniture and other belongings.  

All those layers mean your roof’s complete replacement could be just underlayment, shingles, and some flashing. New rubber boots on stacks are relatively inexpensive and go a long way toward waterproofing your roof. 

Affordable Solutions

Consider that you will likely replace your residential roof only once in your lifetime. In the hands of a local roofer offering integrity and consistency, your complete new roof will be the crowning glory to your Kentucky home. AIC Roofing & Construction, Inc. is your premier roofing contractor in Central Kentucky. We offer affordable roof replacement solutions for every homeowner. Contact us today to allow us the privilege of assisting you with full roof replacement, from the rafters to the ridge vents.

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