Welcome to AIC Roofing & Construction, where we take pride in safeguarding your home from the unpredictable forces of nature. Our latest article delves into the critical topic of “What is Considered Storm Damage to Your Roof?” As seasoned experts in the roofing industry, we understand the unique challenges that Kentucky weather can present to your home’s first line of defense. From relentless thunderstorms to the occasional wintry mix, our team at AIC Roofing & Construction is here to empower you with knowledge about identifying and addressing storm damage. Join us as we unravel the mysteries of weather-related roof issues, guiding you through the signs, solutions, and proactive measures to ensure your roof stands resilient against whatever Mother Nature may throw its way. Because at AIC, we believe that an informed homeowner is a protected homeowner.

What are the four major causes of roof damage?

  • Hail Damage: Hail can bruise or puncture your shingles, leaving your roof vulnerable. Even small impacts can strip granules from shingles, protecting against UV rays and adding fire resistance.
  • Wind Damage: High winds can tear and dislodge shingles from your roof, exposing the underlayment or decking of the roof. This damage may result in leaks or more significant structural damage if not repaired.
  • Water Damage: Storms often bring intense rainfall that can exploit any weakness in your roof, causing leaks and water ingress. Ensuring your gutters are clear and functioning properly can help prevent water damage.
  • Debris Damage: Flying branches, garden furniture, or other objects carried by the wind can create punctures or scratches that may not be inherently noticeable but could lead to more extensive damage if not addressed.

What are the most common signs of storm damage on your roof?

Understanding the effects of severe weather on your roof can be the difference between early remediation and costly, extensive repairs. Storms may bring high winds, heavy rain, hail, and flying debris, each capable of compromising the integrity of your roofing system. By familiarizing yourself with what storm damage looks like, you can take swift action to protect and restore your property.

  1. Missing or Damaged Shingles: After a storm, look for any missing, cracked, or curled shingles. These indicate that the storm has impacted your roof and may need repairs.
  2. Leaks or Water Stains: Water stains on your ceiling or walls or an active leak are telltale signs that your roof has been compromised.
  3. Dents or Bruises on Roofing Materials: Sometimes, denting or bruising might be evident, especially after hailstorms. While these may appear minor, they can lead to bigger issues.
  4. Displaced or Cracked Flashing: The flashing around the chimney, vents, and at the roof’s edges can be dislodged or damaged by high winds or debris, leading to leaks.
  5. Excess Granules In Your Gutters: Many granules collecting in gutters can indicate significant wear on your shingles, which storm conditions could exacerbate.


What can you do if you suspect roof damage?

When faced with the suspicion of storm damage to your roof, a proactive and thorough approach is crucial to preserving the integrity of your home. Begin by visually inspecting your roof from the ground, looking for obvious signs such as missing or damaged shingles, dents in metal components, or granule loss.

However, remember that some storm damage might not be immediately visible, and it’s advisable to seek the expertise of professionals. Reach out to AIC Roofing & Construction for a comprehensive assessment by our skilled team. Our experts will meticulously inspect, identifying apparent and subtle storm damage signs. If damage is confirmed, we’ll work with you to develop a tailored plan for repairs or replacements, ensuring that your roof remains a steadfast shield against the elements. Timely action is key, and with AIC, you can trust that your home is in capable hands, ready to weather any storm.

What can you do if your inspector doesn’t find roof damage after a severe storm?

If your insurance inspector doesn’t find damage after a storm, it’s essential to proceed with caution and consider a few steps. First, request a detailed explanation from the inspector regarding their findings. It’s possible that some types of damage, especially those not immediately visible, may require a more specialized inspection from a roofing professional. In such cases, hiring a reputable roofing contractor like AIC Roofing & Construction to conduct a thorough assessment can provide a more accurate picture of potential damage.

Additionally, if you still believe there is damage and your insurance claim has been denied, you can seek a second opinion. Consult with another qualified roofing professional to assess your roof’s condition independently. They can provide a detailed report outlining any damage that may have been overlooked.

Remember, communication is key. Keep records of all interactions with the insurance company, including photos of the potential damage and any correspondence. If a second inspection confirms damage, you can provide this documentation to support your claim. Working with a reputable roofing company can also assist in navigating the claims process and ensuring that any legitimate storm damage is appropriately addressed.

In closing

As storm damage experts at AIC Roofing & Construction, our commitment extends beyond merely fixing roofs; we’re dedicated to empowering homeowners with knowledge. Your home is a sanctuary, and understanding the nuances of storm damage is crucial in preserving its structural integrity. If you ever question the aftermath of a storm, remember that our seasoned team is here to guide you through the process. From meticulous inspections to tailored solutions, AIC is your trusted partner in weathering the storm. Let our expertise be the shield your home deserves, ensuring it stands strong against the elements for years to come. When it comes to your home, knowledge is not just power – it’s protection.

Contact us today for a free roof inspection, and let AIC Roofing and Construction ensure the longevity and resilience of your roof. Trust in our commitment to quality, transparency, and superior craftsmanship for all your Louisville, Lexington, KY, and Cincinnati, Ohio roofing needs.

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