At first glance, roofs can look like simple structures. However, roofs are more complex than many people realize, and repairs are often more involved than you might imagine. Here are a few of the factors which affect your roof repair cost and how to better gauge how much you’re likely to spend.

How Much Work is Needed?

Storms in Kentucky can cause localized damage to your shingles. In general, these repair costs are fairly low. If your shingles are damaged across a larger area, however, you can expect a significantly higher bill. Perhaps the most expensive repairs, however, involve structural issues, including whole roof rebuilds. The size of the area in need of repair and the nature of the repairs needed will be the primary factors in how much you can be expected to spend.


Shingles, the go-to option for roofs, can vary in price significantly. Standard three-tab asphalt shingles are generally the most affordable, even when factoring in their somewhat lower longevity. Dimensional shingles cost more but offer improved durability and even more aesthetic choices, while luxury shingles are similar but cost more. When it comes to repairs, however, you’ll almost always want to go with the type of shingle you already have installed, both for aesthetic and practical purposes.

Labor Costs

The cost for labor varies by company, so the time it takes to complete your roofing job will have a significant impact on repair costs. A key factor for labor is how difficult your roof is to work on. Roofs with steep slopes, for example, present safety challenges and may require longer to complete, raising costs. It should be noted, however, it is not always best to go with the cheapest labor costs. Less expensive roofers may work slower than those who charge a higher rate. Furthermore, shoddy work can lead to even more expensive repair bills in the future.

Customer Service

Roofing companies vary in how they operate. Some provide minimal service at the lowest cost in order to land work, while others focus more on building a relationship with customers and providing high-quality service. When determining how much will roof repair cost, it’s often worth paying a bit extra for a company with a solid reputation and knowledge about the best materials for your home. Your roof is a critical component in your home, and investing wisely will pay off over the long term.

Roofing work might seem intimidating at first, but experts can help ensure your job is done right the first time and at a reasonable cost. If you have any roofing questions, make sure to reach out to AIC Roofing & Construction.


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