If you notice black patches or a break in the color of your roof – you may have some missing shingles. This discovery can be jarring, and homeowners naturally worry that these missing shingles will cause a roof leak. We’ve served the central Kentucky community since 2003. We’ve helped homeowners navigate roof issues like missing shingles, storm damage, etc.

After discovering missing shingles on your roof, you may find yourself checking the weather forecast for rain and wondering how quickly this issue needs to be addressed.

In this article, we answer the most common questions when it comes to missing shingles:

· How quickly do missing shingles need to be replaced?

· What to do after you discover missing shingles?

· If missing shingles will necessitate a complete roof replacement?

· If your homeowner’s insurance policy will cover the repair/replacement?

Will missing asphalt roof shingles cause a leak?

Missing shingles will inevitably lead to a roof leak. However, missing shingles should not immediately cause a roof leak. We would certainly encourage you to contact a Louisville roofing contractor to assess the problem within a few days of your discovery. This initial inspection should be free of charge, and you have no obligation to purchase services.

How quickly missing shingles will cause a roof leak depends on a few factors, such as:

· How many shingles are missing

· The location of the missing shingles

· How long the shingles have been missing

· How much rain does your roof experience with the missing shingles

A leak won’t happen immediately because under your shingles is underlayment, and depending on the location, an ice and water shield and your roof deck. It will take some time for water to penetrate all of these barriers.

But, if the missing shingles are left unrepaired long enough, a leak will inevitably happen and may even cause wood rot on your roof deck. Roof deck repairs are costly, so it’s best to repair this issue immediately.

What should you do after you discover missing shingles on your roof?

Now that you know you have a little time to arrange for a repair, we recommend taking these steps after you notice your missing shingles:

· Research highly rated roofing companies near you

· Schedule a roof inspection

· Review your homeowner’s insurance policy

The primary cause of missing shingles is solid and straight-line winds. If this is the culprit behind your missing shingles, your repair may be covered by homeowner’s insurance.

Should I file a claim for my missing shingle repair?

During your roof inspection, your roofing contractor should be able to help you understand if you should file a home insurance claim. If the cost to repair the damage on your roof is less than your deductible, it probably does not make sense to file an insurance claim. If your roof has sustained damage to the point that filing an insurance claim is in your best interest, your roofing contractor can assist you. Contacting a roofing contractor is essential because their interests align with yours, and can be your advocate during the claims process.

It’s important to note should your insurance adjuster find that the missing shingles are due to improper installation, they likely will not cover your claim – even if the damage was due to a storm. This is one of the many reasons why it’s so essential to hire an experienced, highly-rated roofing contractor from the start.

Will I Need a Full Roof Replacement?

You will unlikely need a full roof replacement for missing shingles. However, by law, your insurance company must ensure the repair matches your roof. If your shingles are discontinued, out of production, or unavailable, your insurance company will be on the hook for a full roof replacement.

In Kentucky, the law says that if “a loss requires replacement of items and the replaced items do not reasonably match in quality, color, or size, the insurer shall replace all items in the area to conform to a reasonably uniform appearance.” However, the courts have not applied the regulation in private litigation. 906 Ky. Admin. Regs. § 12:095 § 9(b).

Your roofing contractor is your advocate during the homeowner’s claim process. We’ve helped thousands of homeowners navigate their insurance policies and successfully advocated on their behalf.

Roof Maintenance Helps Prevent Issues

We recommend annual roof inspections to keep your roof in tip-top shape and catch issues before they wrack up thousands in damages. Roof inspections are free and the most preventative measure to extend your roof’s life.

· Cleaning debris off your roof

Debris left sitting on your roof can quickly cause roof leaks. By simply removing debris in a timely manner, you can help prevent leaks and extend the life of your roof.

· Keeping gutters cleaned.

Keeping your gutters clean is an important part of the health of your roof. Clogged gutters risk damage to your fascia boards and even the roof. By cleaning your gutters regularly, you’ll extend the life of your roof with important preventative maintenance.

· Getting your roof inspected annually.

Scheduling your free roof inspection is the most important and least hassle roof maintenance item. This ensures repairable items are caught early, and your roof is functioning properly.

After reading this article, you should know better what to do if you notice missing shingles on your roof. You must handle this matter promptly to avoid more damage to your roof! If the missing shingles are due to wind, hail, or other weather damage, you want to ensure you maximize your homeowner’s insurance benefits and claim the damage promptly.

Next Steps – Contacting a Trustworthy, Experienced Roofing Contractor

Missing shingles are sometimes easy to spot. However, shingles can go missing on high points on your roof that are not visible from the ground. To ensure you maximize the longevity of your roof, we recommend getting your roof inspected annually. Roof inspections are free and a significant preventative measure.

Most homeowners need to learn more about their roofs. We want to change that. Our Learning Center has answers to all your roofing questions to help you make an informed, confident decision about this important investment. 

AIC Roofing and Construction has served homeowners in Louisville, Lexington, and Richmond since 2003. We are in the top 2% of roofing contractors in North America to obtain the GAF MasterElite certification – something we renew every year as part of our commitment to excellence. If you’re looking for a top-rated Louisville roofing company – we’d love to see if we would be a good fit for your project. Contact us today to schedule your free roof inspection.

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