Equine Barns & Farm Facility Roofing

The roof on your barn provides your horses and livestock with proper shelter, protection, and comfort. Your barn and animals deserve a long-lasting and durable roofing solution. A well-designed and properly maintained roof shields horses from rain, snow, and harsh sunlight, creating a comfortable and secure environment for them. It provides essential shade, preventing overheating during hot summers, while also offering a sheltered space during storms and inclement weather. Moreover, a sturdy roof keeps out drafts and dampness, reducing the risk of respiratory issues and promoting overall equine health. When it comes to horse barns, the importance of a reliable and well-crafted roof cannot be overstated, as it safeguards the well-being and happiness of your animals.

Our Services

  • Asphalt roof replacement and roof repair
  • Metal roof replacement and repair
  • Gutter replacement and repair
  • Siding replacement and repair

Notable Horse Barn Roof Replacement Projects

Types of Buildings We Service

Horse / Stallion Stables




Pole Barns

Traditional Barns


Livestock Shelters




Garages / Storage


Commercial Properties



How to Recognize Damage to your Barn

How to Recognize Damage to Your Barn

The weather in Kentucky can be harsh on your roof. To maximize the longevity of your roof, we recommend annual inspections. This ensures any minor issues are repaired before they snowball and cause costly damage.

If left unchecked, damaged roofing can cause mold, wood rot, and structural issues.

A roof is one of the largest components in ensuring a constant, comfortable interior temperature is maintained within the barn throughout the year in your barn. Your barn’s safety, comfort, and lifespan depend on the investment in high-quality horse barn roofing, offering the horses the best living conditions and peace of mind for their owners.

AIC Roofing & Construction has served the Central Kentucky community since 2003. Since then, we’ve replaced thousands of roofs on residential and commercial properties. We are experts in pole barn and horse-focused barn roof repair and replacement.

Wet Decking

missing shingles

Missing Shingles

Shingle Discoloration


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