Most people invest in a new roof because their current unit is no longer performing as it should. That said, replacing your roof is a major investment, so you want to get it right the first time. Unfortunately, despite the effort you put into your project, your new roof could still fail. AIC Roofing and Construction, the premier roofing contractor, discusses the four main causes of premature roof failure:

  1. Subpar Materials. Since roof replacements can be quite expensive, some homeowners make the mistake of settling for low-quality materials to try to save money. Another mistake to avoid is hiring a contractor with the cheapest bid. You either end up with a mediocre roof replacement or pay more in the long run.

  2. Poor Installation. The performance and longevity of your new roofing system depend on the quality of the installation and the material. Which means that even if your roofer installs the best shingles possible, without proper installation, your roof will fail. It’s important to work with a professional contractor who has experience installing a specific manufacturer’s product. They will be able to expertly install the entire system for flawless results.

  3. Forgetting the Flashing. Other roofers think that flashings are installed more for aesthetic appeal rather than function, so they end up using caulk. The problem with caulk is it breaks down easily, allowing water to enter your home. Fortunately, this can be avoided by hiring a professional roofing contractor.

  4. Insufficient Ventilation. Your roof may have failed not because of the system itself, but because of insufficient attic ventilation. Having proper ventilation can improve your roof’s service life by promoting the circulation of air in your attic. This helps avoid heat and moisture buildup in the attic, which protects your home from overheating and water-related damage.

For a successful roofing replacement, turn to AIC Roofing and Construction. Call us today to learn more about our services. We’ll even offer you a free estimate. We proudly serve central Kentucky.


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