Look around your neighborhood. Chances are, you’ve seen that some roofs have noticeable and unsightly black or dark brown streaks running across them. In fact, your own roof might have the same problem! While it may appear to be roofing stains due to mold or moss, it’s actually due to Gloeocapsa magma, more commonly known as blue-green algae.

In this post, our experts at AIC Roofing and Construction discusses how this blue-green menace can negatively affect your home.

Blue-Green Algae: How Did My Roof Get It?

Gloeocapsa magma is called algae but they actually belong to a species of windborne cyanobacteria that thrives in humid environments. Since they travel on the wind, it’s easy for them to proliferate throughout the entire residential community even if only one or two houses are infested. They usually appear on the north and west sides of the roofing structure and will cause these unsightly dark streaks on the roof as they spread.

How It Affects Your Roof

There’s actually no scientific evidence that blue-green algae can physically damage your shingle roofing, but it could affect your roof in one important aspect: the long-term value and curb appeal of your home. The dark streaks give your roof an unnatural and worn look, even if it’s brand new. Additionally, reflective roofs will have their innate solar reflectance lowered or completely nullified if Gloeocapsa magma grows on it. The presence of blue-green algae can negatively impact the resale value of your home as well.

Treatment and Prevention

Thankfully, several over-the-counter solutions can get rid of your existing blue-green algae woes. If you want to completely protect your home, though, you need to do preventive work on your roof.  As a GAF Master Elite® roofing contractor, we offer algae-resistant roofing options from GAF.

We recommend GAF StainGuard® Shingles, which have copper-containing granules that enable the distribution of copper ions through the roof. It can prevent the growth and spread of blue-green algae.

Give us a call to learn more about the roofing options we offer from GAF. We serve homeowners throughout central Kentucky.

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