Aesthetics is not the only factor you need to consider when choosing a new roof. If you want to achieve maximum comfort and provide your home with a solid defense against the elements, function should be your priority when it comes to roofing.

With many homeowners becoming interested in maintaining energy efficiency, the trend of getting cool roofing is on a steady climb. But, this is a big question for some people: why should you switch to cool roofing? What are the benefits of this investment?

AIC Roofing and Construction explains some of the reasons you should switch to cool roofing:

Reduced Energy Bills

One of the main benefits of having a cool roof is you can decrease the need for air conditioning. As a cool roof reflects solar energy, less heat will be absorbed into the home. This cools your attic and duct system, so you can rely less on your air conditioning. Energy efficiency may also depend on other factors, such as the amount of insulation you have in your roofing, and the heating and cooling usage in your home.

Improved Indoor Comfort

With less heat coming into the home through the roof, indoor comfort increases. As your home doesn’t experience much thermal flux, it remains cooler air during the warm summer days.

Added Protection Against Water Pooling Damage

One of the common problems that every roofing contractor has to deal with involves water accumulating on the roofing deck. If you don’t remove the water immediately, it might start seeping into other areas. With a cool roof, this becomes less of a concern.

Always check with a professional before you proceed with a home improvement project. Visit our roofing company and talk to our experts. Contact us and we’ll help you understand the value of using these products.


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