CertainTeed Horizon Shingles are defective and may be covered under your homeowner’s Insurance Policy. Here is what you need to know:

What are CertainTeed Classic Horizon Shingles?

These shingles are a faux architectural shingle that was introduced in the 1990’s. These shingles were popular with Builder’s and homeowners, alike, who enjoyed the architectural appearance and the lower price tag. They were commonly installed on roofs into the early 2000’s when it was realized they were not holding up to the regular wear and tear most roofing shingles endure. Roofing that was suppose to last 20 years was needing to be replaced because of curling, cracking and surface damage much sooner than the manufacturers anticipated.

Roofing and Your Homeowner’s Insurance

If your roof has been damaged by storms, you may be covered by insurance. Homeowners Insurance covers many types of roofs and depending on the intensity of the storm and the amount of damage, you may have the damage repaired for free with a shingle similar to the one you have. You also may be able to replace your roof for free with a similar roofing material depending on the guidelines set forth in your homeowner’s insurance policy.

CertainTeed Roof Replacement in Lexington KY

If your home has been in the path of a storm, you may be eligible to have a full roof replacement for free. Most homeowner’s today have what is called a replacement policy. When an insurance adjustor reviews your claim, he has to determine if it meets certain guidelines to qualify for a full replacement. He also has to determine the cost to replace your roof or repair it with shingles of a like, kind and quality without deducting for the age or use of the item. Because the CertainTeed Horizon Shingle is no longer being sold and there are no like, kind and quality shingles on the market today, the roof can be replaced in its entirety with no cost to you other than the deductible. This may be true, even if the guidelines for a full replacement have not been met.

We Are Your Insurance Claim Advocate

Dealing with the insurance company and making a claim is a long and complicated process. AIC Roofing and Construction can help you determine if your roof qualifies for such a claim. We are familiar with working with most insurance companies, which gives us an edge when representing you and your best interest.

If you think your roof has a defective faux architectural shingle, such as the CertainTeed Horizon Shingle, please call AIC Roofing and Construction. We are your advocate when it comes to filing for a CertainTeed Roof Replacement in Lexington KY.

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