The four-letter word “best” is what grammarians call a subjective word. It is not a factual word; it represents an opinion. Whose opinion matters most when selecting a siding color for your Kentucky house? The contractor’s sales representative? Your neighbors? Nah. Yours. 

We’re Not Saying

We’re not saying every siding color is completely right for your home; some choices simply look better than others. But many factors affect the “best” color choice for your home:

  • Your HOA may limit siding color choices
  • Trendy colors may disappoint you in a few years
  • Your home’s architectural style, detailing, and landscaping affect color choice

Other influences on your decision about siding color include popular colors in your neighborhood, the effect you want your siding to project (big and bold, classic, modern, and so on), and historically popular colors to help preserve home value. 

Taste is Subjective

Taste in color is, like the word “best,” entirely subjective. In the 1970s Harvest Gold was in. So what is the most popular siding color? 

Every year Pantone anoints a couple of colors as “Color of the Year.” Last year, 2021, the two colors are “Ultimate Gray” and “Illuminating,” or what you and we might call “grey” and “yellow.” The 2022 color of the year is “Very Peri,” described as a color “whose courageous presence encourages personal inventiveness and creativity.

Does any of this mean you have to pick grey, yellow, or purple for your home’s siding? Nope. Your choice has to please you but also allow your home to keep its curb appeal and value. 

Want proof? Try to find siding in the “Ugliest Color in the World,” Pantone’s 448 C, aka Drab Dark Brown. You can’t find it as a color option among home materials manufacturers. Nobody wants it. 

What We Are Saying

What we are trying to say is you should select your home’s new siding color with input from experts, such as color professionals, siding sales representatives, and interior designers. A siding contractor can tell you what is popular regionally and in your neighborhood. A designer or color professional can help you harmonize your siding choice with trim colors. You could ask a real estate agent which colors are perennially easy to sell. What you think of as boring (white, slate blue, and others) may translate as “boosting home value” 10 years down the road. 

AIC Roofing & Construction will work with you to help you select the ideal color for your Central Kentucky home. Please contact us today to connect with our friendly, helpful representative. 

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