Checking your roof from the ground can be difficult since it won’t tell you everything you need to know.

At the same time, you should only allow experienced, professional roofers on your roof. Here are signs you can look for from the ground to determine if it’s time to call a certified, insured roofer to thoroughly inspect your roof.

Signs of Roof Problems

  • Curling or missing shingles mean it is time for repairs.
  • Granules in your downspouts could mean a new roof.
  • Gaping holes in your roof are a sure sign to call your local roofer.
  • Leaks or moisture in the ceiling or attic.
  • Water does not drain properly from your gutters.
  • Large tree branches on your roof.

Water can cause plenty of damage even after a storm subsides. If roofing materials stay damp over a long time it can cause shingles and wood to degrade. Mold and mildew can develop, which increase the odds of needing repair.

Look for water throughout the house. Puddles on the floor, drippy ceilings, or water running down your walls are all signs of a roof leak.

Reasons for Regular Inspections

Your roof should get regular inspections by a professional to keep it in good shape and prevent long-term problems from developing. Spotting leaks and other problems early will help cut maintenance bills down the road. Here are some of the questions to ask to determine if your roof needs immediate repair.

  • Is there a lot of damage to the roof, either from disrepair or a storm?
  • Do you have a multitude of leaks?
  • Is there noticeable massive damage to your roof?

Another important question is: how old is your roof? If it is at the end of its lifespan it could be time to replace it before leaks happen. Most modern roofs can last at least a few decades, but even the best roofs with a lifespan of several decades can get damaged by one severe storm.

The older a roof gets the more often it may need to be repaired. You have to ask yourself at some point if you’re investing in diminishing returns. It may be more cost-effective in the long run to get a new roof.

A roof which has been through several storms year after year without getting inspected often can be very vulnerable. It’s important to find a roofer you trust. They must be knowledgeable of the climate and local history. Work with a local expert who offers proactive inspections and understands your residential needs. They will give you a better chance at a durable solution with minimal maintenance.

Taking Direction from a Quality Roofer

Finding a reputable roof repair service who wants to build long-term relationships in the community. They will give you answers about when to repair roof shingles. A local roofer must rely on developing a strong reputation to be successful. Part of building a positive reputation comes from listening to customers and giving them valuable advice.

The best roofers care more about your individual long-term roofing needs. They aren’t out to make the most money in any way they can. You should not have to pay for a roofing estimate or advice about what needs to be done about your roof.

A quality roofer will be able to find issues that might be overlooked by someone who doesn’t do a thorough job. They will let you know if repairing is good or if installing a brand new roof is in order. They will also be able to recommend options for both affordable and more aesthetic products.

Although it’s possible to extend the life of a roof, consistent leaks make a new roof your best solution. Many times installation is the root of a roofing problem. Roofing has come a long way in recent decades to become more durable, but you still need an expert to check it often, especially after a severe storm.

The key to a long roof life span is getting it checked periodically by helpful technicians who know your climate and community. Reach out to us at AIC Roofing & Construction for roof repairs. We’ve been serving Lexington, Louisville, and Richmond since 2003 with our values of Affordability, Integrity, and Consistency.

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