The roofing system is arguably the most important component of your entire home. Without it, you’ll be left unprotected from the harshness of the elements. It’s precisely for that reason we all, as homeowners, must invest in top quality roofing materials. But it doesn’t stop there. To ensure it lasts, we must make sure to back it up with ample warranty.

GAF, the leading roofing manufacturer in the country has not one, not two, but three levels of warranty. Here’s a detailed look at each of them.

Base System Warranty

This first level of GAF’s warranty covers the bare essentials of any roofing warranty. With it, you’ll get a decade’s worth of coverage for the entire system. The warranty is transferable with no charge whatsoever.

Better System Warranty

The Better System warranty continues where the Base warranty left off with added benefits. With it, the entire roofing system will have coverage for a lengthy 50 years from material defects. On top of that, you’ll also get a two-year workmanship coverage. Just like the first level, it is also transferable–free of charge.

Best System Warranty

As the name suggests, this third level of GAF’s warranty is the most comprehensive of all three. It has the same benefits as the Better system with the main difference being more thorough coverage. You need not worry about flashing misapplications for 25 years as well as the cost of disposal of old roofing when necessary.

Whether it’s from material defects or faulty workmanship, GAF has got you covered from the potential ravages of the changing weather. Through the changing seasons, you can be sure our products will shelter you from the storm.

AIC Roofing and Construction offers superior quality workmanship and first-rate roofing products. That’s why we trust only GAF. We serve central Kentucky. Give us a call or fill out the form and get a free estimate today.

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