Each part of a roofing system has a particular function for keeping water damage at bay and maintaining its structural integrity as it ages. And some of these components can have either a positive or negative effect on your roofing system when bereft of proper maintenance and quality materials.

In this article, you’ll find three roofing components which affect your roof’s overall performance.

Insulation Materials

The insulation of your roof extends its service life because it reduces heat transfer between the attic and your entire house. Some popular insulation materials include foam boards or blocks, cellulose fiberglass mineral, and rigid fibrous insulation.

Your roofing system performance and life span will improve if you mind its insulation. Doing so slows down roofing shingle deterioration due to irregular temperature.


Adequate air from the intake and soffit vents is vital for roof health. During hot summer days, the attic will heat up and could result in a warped roof deck. It can even thin out your insulation material and seep inside the house, causing your energy bills to increase.

Roof Color

Surprisingly, the color of your roof matters when it comes to energy efficiency. Not only is it used to beautify your home exterior, but it also serves a purpose when it comes to thermal control of your roofing system. This is what some call a “cool roof” system, wherein lighter colors reflect the heat of the sun. The darker the color, the more it absorbs heat and affects the temperature inside the house.

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