A metal roofing system is beautiful – but very expensive. For most Lexington homeowners the price and durability of asphalt shingles make them the best option for a residential roof replacement. However, if you love the look of metal roofs but don’t want to pay the large price tag, you can always add a metal roof accent to your home. Metal roof accents can help achieve the desired aesthetic at a fraction of the cost.

Your roof is a big investment. It provides your home with critical protection and valuable curb appeal. At AIC Roofing, one of our goals is to help homeowners feel confident in making decisions about their roofs. In this article, we’ll answer some of the most commonly asked questions about metal roof accents so you can decide if adding one is right for your home.

Where to add a metal roof accent

The most popular places homeowners add metal roof accents are in the front of their home over their porch and/or bay windows. This highlights the beautiful, standout characteristics of a home and provides a great contrast. Especially when placed in the front of your home, metal roof accents instantly boost the curb appeal of your home.

We’ve also seen homeowners cover their side or back porches with metal roof accents, and we’ve even had some put a standing seam metal roof on large portions of their roof. If your home has dormers, outfitting those with a metal roof accent is a great way to achieve a contrast and aesthetic look. Placing a standing seam roof on your porch also offers the added benefit of heat deflection. Standing seam metal roofs offer shade and reflect heat, helping keep your area cool even in the summertime.

Some homeowners add standing seam roofs to additions or garages on their property to elevate their appearance. Your roofing contractor can help you decide the best place to add your metal roof accent. We also recommend researching pictures ahead of your initial meeting with your roofer to help them understand your project goals.

How long will a metal roof last?

Standing seam metal roofs are incredibly long-lasting. They are often regarded as the gold standard in roofing. Your metal roof accent will likely outlast your shingle roof. Standing seam metal roofs can last 30 years and if properly maintained they can even last for 50 years or longer.

Standing seam metal roofs are custom fitted to your home and are made with an interlocking design. Their superior design and material make leaking rare. The manufacturer will back up these claims with long-lasting warranties.

There is also virtually no maintenance required with standing seam metal roofs, making them an incredibly attractive option. Snow and rain slide off the steel, and the interlocking joints offer superior protection from pests and the elements. 

While there are two types of metal roofs – standing seam and exposed fastener, we only recommend standing seam metal roofs on homes because there are many issues associated with exposed fastener metal roofing. We always want to do right by our customers, and therefore only recommend products we feel confident will be long-lasting and properly protect your home.

What are my options with a metal roof accent?

There are a variety of color and material options for your metal roof accent. Depending on your preference, you can choose a complementary or the same color as your asphalt shingle roof or select a contrasting color for a statement.

What color is best for your standing seam roof accent? There are approximately 30-40 colors to choose from. We typically recommend selecting a similar color as your asphalt roof or a contrasting color. The best color truly depends on your preference!

For materials, standing seam metal roofs are made out of steel or copper. Black steel and copper are popular options among homeowners due to their architectural properties and their contrasting qualities that make a statement.

What’s the return on investment for a metal roof accent?

According to the 2022 National Association of Realtors Research Group, new roofing was one of only two exterior home projects that yielded an astounding 100% cost recovery for homeowners. This is because home buyers value the critical protection and curb appeal offered by your roof.

Whether you intend to sell your home in the future or not – adding a metal roof accent is definitely worth the investment, especially if you are conscientious of your home’s curb appeal. Unlike landscaping or painting your home, a metal roof accent provides maintenance-free curb appeal. Adding the accent is a great way to make your home stand out in your neighborhood while adding sought-after qualities.

Are metal accents covered by insurance during a roof replacement?

If you’re looking into a metal accent roof while replacing your roof as part of an insurance claim, you may be wondering if your policy will cover it. Most homeowners’ policies state that they will return your roof back to its original state prior to the damage. If you already had metal roof accents on your roof that were damaged during a covered event, it’s likely that your insurance would cover their replacement.

However, if you’re considering adding a metal roof accent you didn’t have before, your insurance won’t cover this ‘upgrade’. But, just because your insurance won’t cover it, you can still add it! Be sure to mention to your roofer you’re interested in adding a metal roof accent. You’ll just pay out of pocket for any associated costs.

Wrapping Up

Metal roof accents are an easy and maintenance-free way to boost your home’s curb appeal, value, and durability. The highlights and aesthetics the accents add to your home make them a great investment for your home if your budget allows for it. Rest assured that you’re adding durability and curb appeal with a metal roof accent.

Have more questions? We can help!

Replacing your roof can seem like an overwhelming process. We want to help homeowners feel confident and make informed decisions throughout this process. We have many resources to help you research your project, including our YouTube channel to our Learning Center. From learning what questions to ask a roofing contractor, to evaluating and comparing your roofing estimates, you can find help for every step of the process by visiting our Learning Center.

AIC Roofing and Construction is part of the elite 2% of roofers in North America to hold the GAF MasterElite Certification. We’ve replaced over 10,000 roofs in the Central Kentucky area and are proud of our top-rated status we’ve earned from our customers.  Replacing your roof is expensive and can be a stressful process. Rest assured knowing that our expert staff are with you every step of the way – before, during and after. 

We are an earnest, experienced, and MasterElite Certified roofer based in Lexington, Kentucky.  If the time has come to replace your roof, we’d love to see if we would be a good fit for your home project. Contact us today to schedule your free estimate!

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