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Grant leads the AIC Roofing & Construction Sales team. He loves meeting people and building relationships. He's a proud husband and father who loves to be outside hunting or fishing or watching football games.

Top Gutter Colors for 2024: A Stylish Selection Guide

Gutters play a crucial role in your home’s water displacement system. They prevent water from penetrating vulnerable areas on your roof and foundation. When you replace your roof, it’s likely your gutters need to be replaced as well.  Choosing the right gutter color can enhance [...]


What Is the Return on Investment for a Roof Replacement in Central Kentucky?

If you are a homeowner in Central Kentucky and are considering a roof replacement, one important question you may have is: what is the return on investment (ROI) for a roof replacement? Understanding the concept of ROI in roofing can help you make an informed [...]


4 Gutter Upgrades to Consider During a Gutter Replacement

Replacing your gutters is an excellent opportunity to upgrade and improve the functionality of your home's drainage system. By investing in high-quality gutter upgrades, you can protect your property from water damage, enhance curb appeal, and minimize the need for regular maintenance. Plus, gutters help [...]


How Often Should You Replace the Siding on Your Barn?

Barn siding is an essential component of any barn structure, as it plays a crucial role in protecting the building and enhancing its appearance. Over time, however, siding can deteriorate due to various factors. Knowing when to replace your barn siding is essential to maintaining [...]