3 Things Your Roofer Won’t Cover With A Warranty

When considering replacing or repairing your roof or exterior siding, you should know about two types of warranties – a workmanship warranty and a material warranty. You also should know if certain decisions may invalidate your warranty completely or what items a roofer will not [...]


The Ultimate Guide On How To Choose Siding for Your Home

New siding is one of the few home improvements which increases your home’s efficiency, curb appeal, and value. Yet, replacing your siding can be costly. It’s essential to give careful thought to the type and style of your new siding. As we’ve heard from many [...]


How To Choose The Best Siding Color For Your Home

The four-letter word “best” is what grammarians call a subjective word. It is not a factual word; it represents an opinion. Whose opinion matters most when selecting a siding color for your Kentucky house? The contractor’s sales representative? Your neighbors? Nah. Yours.  […]