Replacing your roof can be a stressful and expensive process. At AIC Roofing, we want to alleviate this stress as much as possible for homeowners by providing top-notch customer service and a hassle-free experience before, during, and after your roof replacement. The “AIC,” in our name, stands for Affordability, Integrity, and Consistency, and we live by those values daily with every roof we replace.

As part of our mission to help homeowners feel knowledgeable throughout the roofing process, we want to dedicate an article to answer a question we occasionally receive – “will I receive a credit back for any unused materials at the end of the roof replacement”? 

The short answer is no. We’ll explain why below.

Turnkey Service

First, take a second and imagine calling a local bakery to order your favorite specialty cake. After taking your order, you are told the price and when it will be ready for pickup. As you’re at the store picking up your cake, about to hand over your credit card – would you ask the baker if there was any leftover flour, sugar, or other ingredients you should receive a refund or discount for?  

Of course not. 

That’s because you’re buying the cake – not all of the individual ingredients required to make it. The price includes everything needed to make your cake, including the components and, more importantly, the baker’s know-how, labor, time, and all necessary equipment to create the masterpiece you ordered. 

The exact same principle applies to the purchase of your new roof.

Purchasing a new roof is a turnkey service. After you order your new roof ‘off the menu,’ your contractor handles all the logistics. This includes processes like roof tear-off, disposal, supply chain management of necessary materials, labor coordination, and the expertise to do this efficiently and without damaging your home or property. 

Included with your purchase is a dependable, transferable warranty. Most roofing contractors offer 2 to 5-year craftsmanship warranties on their work; at AIC, we proudly offer a 10-year craftsmanship warranty.

Pricing Transparency 

Integrity is one of our core values. In conjunction with that, we pride ourselves on fair and honest pricing. We quote you the purchase price – no more and no less. 

Roof pricing has many variables involved. We calculate your price based on several factors, including your roof’s square footage, pitch, overall design, and the associated labor and materials. Additionally, in adherence to industry guidelines we apply a waste factor to the materials needed to complete the job. Using a waste factor is a standard practice for most companies, whether ordering flooring, drywall, or roofing materials. 

If we ran short on materials during your roof replacement, you would not be charged a penny more for the additional material and labor costs associated with completing your roof. That’s because we are responsible for the materials and risks involved with ensuring the job is completed exactly as outlined in our agreement.

Efficiency and Risk Assumption

Our #1 priority is ensuring your roof is completed to OUR high standards, meaning the job is done right and on-time. We quote our price and completion time confidently. 

Our standard practice is to have more than enough materials on site to avoid running short during installation. Trying to order the exact quantities required, only running a few bundles short could potentially cause a liability to your home. To highlight why we have these practices in place, consider these two scenarios:

Scenario 1: A roofing crew is expected to finish a job by 6pm. Severe thunderstorms are predicted to begin later that evening. At 5pm, the roofing crew runs out of shingles and cannot finish the job because the supply house closed at 4pm. An incomplete roof during a thunderstorm poses a significant inconvenience and risk to the homeowner and the roofing contractor. For the good of all parties we want to prevent this when possible. 

Scenario 2: A crew working on a roof with many unique penetrations (like skylights, dormers, etc.) must fabricate and install flashing to ensure the roof does not leak. The roofing crew runs short on materials during their installation. As a result, the jobsite supervisor (who guides and oversees the crew’s work) has to drive over an hour to the supply warehouse to pickup additional materials. This takes the supervisor away from providing guidance and supervision on critical details. His absence could delay the installation and increase the risk that something is done incorrectly. 

We take our assumption of risk very seriously during your roof installation. Our practices and procedures are in place to ensure your roof is completed correctly and on time. As both of these scenarios illustrate, material availability is critical to us completing a job timely and correctly. If our crew does not have the materials they need, when they need it, multiple collateral issues can arise. Because of this, we always send extra materials to our jobsite so we can confidently complete the project.

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