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Why the GAF Timberline Base Shingle is the Best Roof Repair

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29 July 2019

Why the GAF Timberline Base Shingle is the Best Roof Repair

When storms or wear and tear cause damage to your roof, it’s important to have high-quality repairs done. Whether you have one shingle that fell off or several that are damaged, you’ll need durable replacement tiles. GAF Timberline shingles offer superior quality and other advantages.

Improved Performance

GAF HD and Ultra HD Timberline shingles provide more protection from the elements. GAF’s Advanced Protection Shingle Technology has features that offer enhanced durability and greater strength compared to traditional asphalt shingles. This allows these shingles to resist high winds and other severe weather conditions

GAF Timberline shingles meet the standards required for AC438. These standards are used to evaluate features such as weather resistance, protection from wind-driven rain and temperature cycling. GAF Timberline shingles have limestone content, glass fibers and other features that offer better protection from wind, heavy rains, hail and extreme temperatures.  

With improved performance, you have a much lower risk of needing to have repairs done again. These shingles are made to withstand exposure to sunlight and other elements that often cause damage or wear and tear to other asphalt shingles. 

Outstanding Value

GAF Timberline shingles provide superior performance while also offering great value. These shingles are available at practical prices that fit many homeowners’ budgets. When you have GAF Timberline shingles used for roof repairs, your roof will have more protection from damage, resulting in a reduced risk of having to spend money on repairs. 

Wide Range of Colors and Styles

If you’re worried about how your roof will look after repairs, there’s no need for concern with GAF Timberline shingles. These shingles come in a wide range of colors and styles, so you won’t end up with replacement tiles that don’t match the rest of your roof. With new GAF shingles in place, your roof will have a uniform look rather than a mismatched appearance. 

GAF Master Elite Certification

When you need roof repairs, you should look for a roofer with Master Elite certification from GAF. This helps ensure that your roofer has the knowledge needed to properly install GAF Timberline shingles. This certification also indicates that your roofer meets GAF’s strict quality standards.

If you need roof repairs in Lexington, please contact AIC Roofing and Construction today. We use GAF Timberline base shingles for roof repairs. 

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