Your roof protects your home, so you’ll want to ensure it lasts as long as possible before a replacement roof is needed. Standard asphalt roofs are often referred to as 30 year roofs, but is it accurate? How long does a 30 year roof really last?

Average Lifespan of a Shingle Roof

In reality, asphalt shingles last an average of 20 to 30 years. Architectural shingles are more expensive than three-tab shingles but are likely to last longer when faced with the same conditions.

What Shortens the Life of Your Roof

Several things can shorten the life of your roof, including the following:

  • Storms – High winds, hail, and other storm-related events can shorten your roof’s lifespan. They can also make shingles curl, buckle, or come off completely.
  • Lack of regular maintenance – Have your roof inspected by a qualified roofing contractor to ensure problems are detected and fixed early before they develop into larger issues. If you have a severe storm in your area or have any concerns, call your roofing contractor for an inspection. Otherwise, once or twice a year is a good inspection schedule to maintain.
  • Damage from debris – Storms could cause trees, limbs, or other damaging debris to fall on your roof.

How to Prolong the Life of Your Roof

There are three main things you can do to help prolong the life of your roof.

  • Regular inspections and maintenance – This care allows your roofing professional to catch any problems early and fix them before they become more extensive – and costly.
  • Cleaning – Have your roof professionally cleaned by a roofing professional to remove contaminants such as dirt and moss. These can damage your roof over time and decrease its lifespan.
  • Timely repairs – When you notice a problem with your roof, the sooner you can get it repaired, the better. The problem won’t fix itself and will shorten the life and performance of your roof.

In the end, your 30-year roof could last for 30 years and beyond with great maintenance – barring any heavy storm damage. Working with your local roofing company to maintain and repair your roof as things arise can help you get the longest life from it.

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