Metal, tile, shingles — which type of roof is best for your Central Kentucky home? Let’s take a look at three aspects that drive your decision. 


No roofing material is perfect. A metal roof will last a lifetime, but at a very high front-end cost. Unless you plan to hand your home down to your grandchildren, metal roofs do not make good financial sense. Tile is good, but brittle, and it requires careful maintenance. 

Shingles are not perfect, and beware any roofer who claims they are. Shingles, though, combine the best benefits of all roofing:

  • Fire resistance — Shingle roofs carry Class A fire protection, the highest rating
  • Long life — shingle roofs typically have 30-year and even lifetime warranties
  • Energy efficiency — Several types of shingle roofing qualify under the federal Energy Star program for cool roofing and energy efficiency
  • Maintenance — Most shingle roofs require annual inspection, and sometimes a little upkeep to remove algae or moss
  • Wind resistance — Available shingle lines include highly wind resistant shingles for use in hurricane zones 

A shingle roof saves you money up front, continues to save money for the life of the roof, and provides a beautiful roof that works to complement your Central Kentucky home. 


Without doubt, the least expensive installation option for your Lexington home is a shingle roof. Shingles are not only America’s #1 choice in residential roofing, they are the least expensive and easiest to install.

Why? Shingles are unitized (made in small, separate, identical units) that allow maximum flexibility, easy workability, and quick installation. Crews are familiar with them and can move fast to put down a new roof in a day or two. 


Perhaps you are dealing with HOA restrictions, or are looking for a color to make your home stand out from your neighbors. With shingle roofing, you can always find a perfect fit for your home. You can boost curb appeal and preserve home value.

Architectural and designer shingles come in a rainbow of colors so you can match the color of your roof to:

  • the architectural style of your home
  • your style and taste
  • gain greater energy efficiency
  • Any HOA or neighborhood rules

Partner with AIC Roofing & Construction Inc. for your home’s new shingle roof. Contact us today and we can help you select the perfect shingle type and color for your Lexington home.

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