Regular roof maintenance can be the key to avoiding costly roof repairs in the long run. Roof maintenance and roof leak prevention are two sides of the same coin. Maintaining your roof can even make a difference in the life of a roof. 

How Do You Prevent Roof Leaks?

It is best to call your nearby residential roofer when you suspect a leak for five reasons: 

  1. Roofs can be slippery and dangerous to walk on. Professional roofers are trained to do this safely and efficiently. 
  2. Your roofer has the skills, experience, and tools to track down a roof leak. Water may enter your home far from where the leak started, so it is not always easy to locate on your roof.
  3. Your roofer will know how to stop the roof from leaking with long-term solutions rather than quick, short-term fixes.
  4. The roofer’s professional repair may keep your roofing warranty intact. A professional repair may allow you to make a claim against the roofing material manufacturer’s warranty by following the warranty’s guidelines for repairs. 
  5. If you have one leak, there may be more and a professional roofer can help you find and fix these issues before they become costly.

Why Does a Roof Leak?

The roof on your central Kentucky home could leak for many reasons, but a lack of regular maintenance is often a key cause of these issues. Regular roof maintenance is often overlooked by homeowners but is as essential as the upkeep on your HVAC unit or changing the oil in your car.

An inexpensive and fast annual inspection prolongs the life of your roof, giving you added peace of mind.

Roofs leak from other problems, as well. These leak sources may include:

  • Age — The life of your roof can be shortened due to local weather conditions, prior inferior installation, or the use of lower quality roofing materials in the original build.
  • Blunt impacts — Tree branches, hail, and windborne debris can all work against your home’s roof. Over time these smaller hits can turn into substantial repairs. 
  • Poor installation — If you bought an existing home, you may have inherited a weakened roof or a roof installed with low-grade materials. 
  • Wind — Wind can lift shingles and ruin their water resistance or destroy the adhesive connection between courses of shingles. In a major storm, wind can even peel away entire rows of shingles.

5 Reasons for Roof Maintenance

Regular roof maintenance by a professional residential roofer is essential. Five excellent benefits of routine inspections, maintenance, and prompt roof repairs are:

  1. Extend the life of your roof — You can add years of useful life to a shingle roof, reaching beyond even the typical 15 to 20 years most shingle roofs last. A roofer’s careful eye and long experience can put a stop to a small roof leak before it becomes a big problem.
  2. Save money over time — Minimal outlays every year are far less expensive than one invoice for an early, full roof replacement. A new roof can run into thousands of dollars or even tens of thousands, which is far more than the small cost for an annual visit from your roofer.
  3. Keep your roof warranty intact — A manufacturer’s warranty is a valuable piece of paper. It does require you to perform regular maintenance so any defect can be traced back to the manufacturer, not your care and upkeep.
  4. Maintain home value — A well-maintained home provides curb appeal and holds its value over time. If you sell your home a nice roof goes 
  5. Keep utility costs down — A properly functioning, well-maintained roof prevents heat loss in cold months and cooling losses in hot months. 

There are many other reasons to sign up for annual inspection and maintenance. Having an ongoing relationship with a roofer pays off during roofing emergencies, too!

When you contact us today at AIC Roofing & Construction Inc. you connect with the region’s foremost problem solver for all roofing issues. We handle roof inspections, repairs, and replacements for our neighbors throughout central Kentucky. 

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