A new roof isn’t cheap nowadays, which is why many homeowners dread the thought of getting their roofs replaced. The cost of replacing a worn out or damaged roof is going up, along with the roofing material costs. Since roofs have become so expensive, the warranties offered by roofing material manufacturers and roofing contractors have become much more meaningful and important to homeowners. 

Many homeowners assume the 20- or 50-year warranty mentioned in the roofing contract means the roofer will come right out to fix issues on the roof during the warranty period. It’s important to distinguish the manufacturer’s product warranty from the workmanship warranty offered by your roofing contractor.

Typically, a manufacturer’s warranty is restricted to material defects from the manufacturing process. It will not cover wear and tear, improper installation, or storm damage. A roofing contractor’s workmanship warranty, on the other hand, promises free service in the event your roof develops issues due to installation errors. However, normal wear and tear or storm damage are not covered by the warranty.

How Long Warranties Last These Days

Different roofing material manufacturers offer different warranty periods. GAF offers a lifetime warranty for all its shingles. Installation accessories covered under the limited warranty include GAF Starter Strip Shingles, Ridge Cap Shingles, Leak Barrier Products, Cobra Ventilation Products, and Roof Deck Protection Products.

The limited warranty does not cover ShingleMatch Roof Accessory Paint, low-slope membranes, or Master Flow Ventilation Products.

Generally, GAF products have the following warranty periods:

  • GAF Shingles – Lifetime
  • Smart Choice Protection – 10 – 50 Years depending on the specific product
  • Algae Warranty – 10 Years for Ridge Cap Shingles or StainGuard-Labeled Shingles
  • Wind Warranty Term – 15 Years
  • Maximum Wind Speed Coverage – 130 mph with special installation

Definition of Lifetime

The word “lifetime” implies this warranty will last as long as the original homeowner still owns the home where the GAF shingles and accessories are installed. Additionally, a second owner is covered if coverage was systematically transferred during the Smart Choice Protection Period.

Additionally, the lifetime warranty is only applicable to shingles and GAF accessories installed on a single-family detached property owned by individuals. For all other building types, the length of the warranty is 40 years.

For a lifetime warranty, the total number of months in the warranty contract is deemed to be 600 between 11 and 40 years of the warranty term. Beyond 41 years of a Lifetime warranty, GAF contributes only 20%.

Special Installation

Typically, your GAF Shingles will be covered up to a maximum wind speed of 130 mph as long as your shingles are secured using 6 nails for each shingle and your roofer used GAF Starter Strip Products at the eaves and rakes. Without Special Installation, the maximum wind speed coverage is 110mph.AIC Roofing & Construction, Inc. has recently won the Consumer Protection Excellence Award. One of the requirements to win this award is to install at least 100 roofing systems with enhanced warranties for customers. Our commitment to consumer protection demonstrates we truly install quality roofs for our customers throughout Central Kentucky. Contact us today to learn more about the lifespan of your roofing warranty.

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