The tornadoes which destroyed far too much of our beloved Kentucky left behind far more than shattered lives and ruined homes. They left a clear path for storm chasers and scammers to enter the Bluegrass State. From one Kentuckian to another, please avoid heartache by following these roof repair and complete roof replacement tips.

Scam Alerts

Fortunately, the Kentucky State Attorney General’s office went into action immediately after mid-December’s tornadoes to warn everyone of the scams and storm chasers. The risks are real; unscrupulous operators have moved in, hoping to capitalize on our neighbors’ grief and confusion. They are trying to pry money from you, your insurance company, and local relief organizations. They usually offer little or nothing in return. 

The Attorney General has created a mandatory Contractor Registration program. Anyone coming into Kentucky (and, of course, all Kentucky contractors) to work on disaster recovery, home contracting, and repairs must register.

If a contractor offers to repair your roof, ask for proof of registration from the Attorney General. No registration? No contract! 

Not So Bad?

You are desperate, and all the local, reliable, and established contractors are booked for weeks. How bad could Chuck with His Truck really be? What are the risks of hiring storm chasers, out-of-state operators, or handymen? Consider these issues:

  • Trustworthy roofers are licensed in Kentucky; you can follow a paper trail and verify their business record.
  • Local roofers are reachable long after the work is complete. How will you get hold of a roofer from three states away in a month when your “new” roof leaks?
  • A roofer with a local business address is committed to the community; Dan With a Van is off and running once the insurance claim check is in his hands.

Protect Yourself

Your roof protects nearly everything else you own. It protects your furnishings, pets, and family. Protect yourself from the people who offer to rebuild your tornado-ravaged roof by trying these simple, fast strategies:

AIC Roofing & Construction is busy helping everyone in our community with emergency roof repair. Please contact us today so we can help you, too. We will do everything we can to preserve and protect your home.

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