A lot of folks enjoy watching “How It’s Made” clips. How are blueberry turnovers produced? How do they make Grammy Awards? How are seamless gutters made? We can help with the last one!

No Factory

Seamless gutters, available in a wide array of beautiful colors, are never made in a factory. Instead, the gutter installation company brings their equipment to your home, all neatly packed in a tidy truck.

Inside the truck is a rolling machine which quickly shapes a coil of correctly sized metal into a continuous, seamless gutter. The gutter could potentially be as long as the coil of metal, but most house gutters run no more than 40 feet. Thanks to the rolling machine, the only seams in your new gutters will be at corners and downspouts.

The coil of metal is chosen based on the size of gutters you need in addition to the color you want. It is painted and finished in an available spectrum of colors. Most homeowners choose colors to complement and highlight their siding color, but the choice is entirely yours. Want fire engine red gutters? You can get them! Want a standard white or cream? No problem!

Because your gutters are custom-rolled at your residence, the installers control the entire process. You do not have to settle for big box store gutters that don’t quite fit your home. Every inch of your seamless gutters is made to precisely fit your home’s dimensions. Sturdy brackets keep the gutters tightly connected to your fascia (the wide, horizontal molding just beneath your roof). Properly attached downspouts match the gutters in color and style.

Superior Seamless

Reducing seams increases the reliability and performance of the gutters. Seamless gutters are more attractive than seamed gutters, with their overlapping plates every so many feet and cumbersome joints to connect. Seamless gutters outperform seamed gutters, too, since the interior offers nothing to snag leaves or debris to cause clogs.

Seamless gutters, properly formed on-site and designed to fit your home and no other, will provide years of reliable service. Seamless gutters help keep your home’s foundations dry, your landscaping neat, and your house free of pests. Water cannot rot the fascia boards or infiltrate your attic when it is whisked away by sturdy, attractive, custom-fitted seamless gutters.

For the finest in custom-crafted seamless gutters, please contact us today at AIC Roofing & Construction Inc. We know you will be pleased with fresh, gleaming new seamless gutters on your Central Kentucky home.

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