You might be tempted to wait to take action when you notice a small leak in your shingle roof. But waiting can cost you in a lot of ways, which makes taking quick action imperative.

A lot of things can happen if you wait to repair a leak, including those we list here.

Waiting costs you money

The longer you ignore a leaky roof, the more it’s going to cost you in the long run. After all, a leak affects more than your roof. It also affects the roof decking, your attic insulation, and your ceilings.

Regarding your insulation, it becomes less effective because even the tiniest holes in your roof allow warm air to escape. In turn, you’ll be forced to use your HVAC system more, and your energy bills will rise.

You’ll also have to spend money to repair your ceiling, drywall, and even furniture and other items exposed to water.

Leaks increase the chance of mold

Water leaking into the home ends up in drywall, insulations, and your ceiling, and can create an environment in which mold thrives. 

Mold poses many health hazards for you and your family, whether you or they are allergic to it; it can irritate your lungs, throat, eyes, nose, and skin. Even your pets can develop health problems due to mold exposure.

Mold may also lead to a costly clean-up operation, which could have been avoided by fixing the roof leak promptly.

Shortens your roof’s lifespan

Replacing your roof can get expensive and, if you’re like most homeowners, you’ll wait as long as possible to have it replaced. But a leaking roof, if not addressed promptly, will lead to needing a replacement sooner rather than later.

Ignoring leaks, even the smallest and seemingly insignificant ones, will weaken the roof system and force you to replace your roof much sooner than you want.

Leaks may even lead to electrical fires that could destroy your home and place your family in extreme danger.

Taking quick action

Your best course of action when you notice water leaks on your shingle roof is to call a professional roofing contractor as soon as possible. He or she will do a thorough inspection and determine what steps to take to fix the problem.

Call AIC Roofing & Construction if you notice leaks in your Central Kentucky roof.

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