Every homeowner understands the importance of having a solid, dependable roof. Other than protecting your home, its contents, and your family from the elements, your roof plays a critical role in protecting the structural integrity of your home.

However, roofs are not built to last forever. When issues arise, it’s important to get the assistance of a professional roofer to assess the damage. They can recommend the best course of action. Depending on the extent of the needed repairs, your roofer may recommend total roof replacement.

While most shingle roofs can be replaced within one working day, there are several factors which could make your roof replacement take longer. They include:

1. The Scope of Work 

The amount of work required to replace your roof will affect how long the replacement process takes. Removing a large roof will take longer than a small one.

Additionally, the need to replace insulation or decking can add to the length of time. During the roof replacement process, your roofer may discover hidden damages that could further delay the project.

2. Project Details

If your roof features complex architectural designs, it may take up additional materials as well as labor. Each skylight, valley, chimney, or other roof penetration will add to the duration of the project. 

3. Existing Roofing Materials

There are many types of roofing materials to choose from, including asphalt shingles, slate, tile, metal, composite shingles, and even wood shakes. Replacing asphalt shingles is generally quick and easy. However, other materials will take longer to replace.

At times, a roofing material may need to be preordered from the manufacturer, which can further delay the project.

4. Weather

The weather in Central Kentucky can sometimes be unpredictable. When your roof replacement is scheduled and a sudden storm erupts before or during the project, a delay will occur. Your roofer will ensure your home is secure while you wait out the storm.

A roof replacement is a critical investment and should be strategically planned in seasons with no inclement weather. It’s a great way to ensure the process runs smoothly and within the scheduled timeframe.

At AIC Roofing & Construction, we understand the weather patterns in Central Kentucky and will work with you to efficiently schedule your roof replacement project. We always strive to be transparent with our communication so you know what to expect for the timeline of replacing your roof. Contact us today to get an estimate on your roofing project.

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