The dreaded time to replace your roof comes for every homeowner. After you collect some bids, choose a roofing contractor you trust, select your shingle colors and sign your contract…what happens next?

Material ordering and scheduling could take several weeks between signing the paperwork and beginning work on your roof replacement.

We made a list of what you can expect before, during, and after your roof replacement. While your contractor should communicate with you throughout the process, this guide will help give you a timeline and ensure you can spot any red flags.

1. Preparation

Before work starts, roofing materials will be delivered to your home, and preparation work will begin. Your roofing contractor should communicate this delivery well in advance so you can move your vehicles before they get blocked in by the materials. Ensure your roofing contractor doesn’t deliver materials more than 24-48 hours before starting work on your new roof. You don’t want pallets of shingles obstructing your driveway for a week before work begins!

Next, your roofing contractor will start setting up protection on your property. This will include coverings for your landscaping, fountains, and other delicate items on your property. Depending on your home’s design, a contractor should also cover or protect your doors, windows, and outdoor patio or deck.

2. Installation Begins

Once your roof replacement is officially underway, it will start with your roofing contractor removing your old roof. It’s important to note: debris can fall off your roof during this time. While this part is taking place, encourage your children to take extra caution when walking outside. Keep an extra eye on your pets as well.  

After your old roof is removed, the installation of your new roof will begin. This is a noisy process. Shingles will be nailed in, and your contractor will need a space to cut shingles to fit the specialty places on your roof.

3. Clean Up & Finish

After your roof replacement is completed, your contractor should ensure your property is free of debris. This includes old shingles, any trash, and most bothersome – nails. Many homeowners have horror stories of a roofer not properly cleaning up nails after a replacement and a child or pet getting injured. If you see many nails on your property after a replacement, don’t hesitate to call your contractor and request a team to pick up the nails. Clean-up is a critical part of a roof replacement.

Hire a Roofing Contractor

We’ve replaced thousands of roofs in the Central Kentucky area! Our on-site customer service is on your property throughout your roof replacement, ensuring proper communication and craftsmanship. Ready to get started? Contact us to book your free consultation with AIC!

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