Property managers for apartment units or multi-family dwellings know a significant part of each day is spent addressing the concerns of residents. When roofing work is needed, the headaches and telephone calls double. Selecting the right roofing contractor can make a property manager’s job easier, but more importantly, the right roofer can make residents safer.

Property Protection

Residents of apartments or multi-family units have every right to protect their possessions and feel safe within their homes. A commercial roofing contractor who only caters to industrial or commercial properties may not have the sensitivity and awareness needed to handle HOAs, apartments, condominiums, or multi-family units. 

A good roofer will recognize the need to reassure residents when roofing work is to be done. At AIC Roofing & Construction Inc., we handle residents’ worries by proactively dispelling them. We do all this at every site.

  • We attach 4-foot x 8-foot sheets of Oriented Strand Board (OSB) over windows and doors to prevent damage to moldings, glass, and paint.
  • We place large, heavy-duty tarps over the ground and over delicate landscaping (flowers, shrubs, borders) to protect vegetation and prevent roofing debris from being overlooked at cleanup.
  • During repair or roof replacement, we constantly run a magnetic broom over the worksite to pick up any metal which could cut a foot, slash a tire, or injure a pet.

All of our roofers are trained in proper safety techniques. This means they are aware not only of their own safety, but they need to work safely to protect residents, children, pets, and visitors. 

Parking Lot Protocol

Residents, who usually have no say in when roof repairs or full roof replacement is done, are naturally worried about their parking spaces. I always park right by the building; is my spot still safe? How many spaces will we be giving up for staging the work materials? How can I know nothing sharp will find its way into my tires? All of these legitimate concerns are solved when you work with AIC.

  • We map and plan the “danger zones” of parking lots, working with the property manager’s office to block those spots out; residents’ vehicles are safe from falling debris.
  • We install traffic cones and caution tape to cordon off the parking spaces needed for either material staging or the danger zone; no car can “accidentally” get into the work area.
  • We work with property managers to provide advance notice to tenants and residents, explaining which parking areas will be off-limits, and the amount of time they will be unavailable.
  • As mentioned, we regularly sweep the entire job site, including the parking lots, for magnetic metal debris.

Protecting Peace of Mind

All the precautions in the world cannot prevent every issue. For complete peace of mind, residents and tenants like to know the professional roofer has insurance against just about every contingency:

  • AIC carries a general liability insurance policy which would be tapped first, rather than ask residents to rely on renter’s insurance, automobile coverage, or their own policies.

Should some damage occur, the claim is handled quickly, since AIC works with insurance companies every day. Usually, we are working to complete homeowners’ claims on storm damage or some other issue. Yet we also understand the claim process and will speedily address any residents’ concerns over accidental damage to vehicles or other property. 

Keeping Cool

Kentuckians know about summer heat. Boy, do we know. Just about every multi-family dwelling or apartment building must have its HVAC system, with an emphasis on air conditioning. The problem with roof repair and roof replacement, especially on a scale of an apartment building, is providing protection for those ground-situated condenser units. 

Can you imagine asking an entire building full of hot Kentucky residents to give up their cooling comfort for a few days while the roof is being repaired? We can’t either, which is why AIC has a custom-built, specially designed cover unit which slips over outside condenser units. The cover protects the unit from falling debris and roofing nails, while still allowing it to run. 

The AC unit is protected; the residents’ comfort continues without interruption. The property manager’s telephone rings less.

Plan C

A property manager can ignore all the benefits of going with an experienced roofer. Upfront costs of using “Dan in a Van” or “Chuck with a Truck” may be far lower than what AIC Roofing will quote.

Of course, “Dan in a Van” may lack the knowledge and equipment to complete the job quickly or safely. And your telephone will ring more.

A lot more.AIC Roofing & Construction, Inc. can handle any roofing job from single-family homes to multi-building complexes. We have the experience, trained crews, and right equipment. Please contact us today to learn more about our systematic approach to roof repair, maintenance, and roof replacement.