A multi-family home or apartment building may be strong and solid, but its structural integrity could be compromised without a sound roofing system. The roof on a multi-family building does not just keep it safe from the elements. It also adds to the aesthetic appeal of the property. 

AIC Roofing & Construction is dedicated to providing owners of multi-family homes and apartments with high-quality roofing services to ensure complete roof protection year-round. We’re known for using premium-quality roofing products and providing the highest level of service attainable in Central Kentucky.

1. Roof Repair and Replacement

Many stressful situations can arise if the roof of a multi-family building has been damaged. From minor leaks to structural damage and tenant complaints, roofing problems can reduce your property’s aesthetic appeal, value, safety, and function. Common causes of roof damage include:

  • Wear and tear from old age
  • Adverse weather conditions such as storms, wind, and hail
  • Leaks and water damage causing wood rot, mold, and mildew
  • Heavy impact from fallen trees
  • Improper installation and maintenance

If a multi-family property has minor roof damage, it makes sense to repair it rather than replace it. Our highly skilled roofing technicians will inspect your roof, assess the damage, and develop a plan to help prolong the life of your roof.

If roof repairs are increasingly frequent and no longer cost-effective because your roof has sustained extensive damage, you may need a roof replacement. You can count on AIC Roofing & Construction to provide the highest-quality, durable roof replacement for your property.

2. Gutter and Downspout Replacement and Repair

The gutter system on apartments and multi-family homes plays a vital role in controlling water flow from the roof to the ground, away from the foundation. If your gutters and downspouts are damaged or showing signs of age, having them repaired or replaced can help protect the property against water damage and save you from expensive repair costs.

Clear indications it’s time for gutter repair or replacement:

  • Water pooling at the base of the property
  • Spots of mold and mildew under the roof
  • Water damage on exterior walls
  • Loose, sagging, or hanging gutters
  • Cracks or splits in the gutter system

Our experienced roofing technicians will inspect your gutters and downspouts for signs of damage, diagnose any issues, and provide a solution, which may involve repair or replacement. Our gutter systems come in many colors and sizes and are designed to protect the beauty and value of your multi-family property for years. You can enjoy flawless gutter replacement, durable gutter covers, and top-tier customer service by working with us.

3. Fascia, Soffit, and Siding Wrap

A wrap is a protective layer of material which protects your fascia, soffit, and siding from water damage. The fascia board is the long, straight board which runs horizontally on the edge of the roof. Conversely, the soffit is the board spanning the area when the roof meets the home’s outer walls.

Fascia and soffit wrap provides several benefits, including:

  • Providing a barrier from wind-driven rain and extends the lifespan of the boards
  • Protecting the wood from the effects of UV radiation
  • Minimizing areas where insects can penetrate the wood

Siding wrap, also known as house wrap, prevents the entry of moisture into the wall cavity. It’s intended to be installed behind the siding and over the sheathing. Selecting a quality wrap is essential, but if it’s not installed by a skilled professional, you may not get the protection you need for your multi-family homes or apartments. Our experienced installation crew at AIC Roofing understands the importance of a well-fit fascia or house wrap and is committed to giving you the best possible services. Contact us today to learn more about the multi-family home and apartment roofing services we provide in Central Kentucky.

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