The day has finally arrived – you’re getting a new roof! After tirelessly searching for a central Kentucky roofing company, comparing roof estimates, scheduling, and waiting – it’s time. Hopefully, you’ve already discussed the specifics of home protection and who your main point of contact will be during the process with your roofing contractor. If you haven’t, it is always a good idea to clarify and ask questions. It’s YOUR home, after all!

To ensure your project runs smoothly and on time, we wanted to create a checklist for homeowners to complete before your roof installation.

1. Mow Your Lawn

This may seem completely unrelated, but mowing your lawn ahead of your roof installation is a massive help to your roofers. After completing the job, your roofers meticulously comb through your yard to recover nails from the removal and installation. Mowing your lawn before the start of your roof replacement helps make their job a little easier!

2. Be a Good Neighbor

It’s a thoughtful courtesy to notify your neighbors that a roof replacement will take place over the next few days. Be sure to check with your Homeowners Association to verify there are no additional regulations.

3. Clear the Way

Ensure your driveway is easily accessible and any fragile lawn decorations have been moved inside. It’s a good idea to park your car on the street to ensure you can reach your vehicle when needed and without disturbing the process.  

4. Make a Plan

There’s no way around it; a roof replacement is noisy. You may want to make plans to be out of your home during the replacement.

5. Prepare Your Children & Pets

Be sure that small children and pets are not left unattended in your yard. Especially during the removal portion, as debris can fall from your roof.

6. Take Down Valuable or Important Items

Removing and replacing a roof is a major undertaking! There are usually lots of people on the roof, and considerable thumping and banging are going on up there! While rare, the jarring effects of the replacement could cause a wall hanging to tumble down to the floor. If you have a valuable work of art or an irreplaceable family heirloom, take it down for safekeeping on the day of your installation. It’s always better to play it safe!

7. Ask Questions

Not sure what time your roofers will start and end? Or if your landscaping, hot tub, or outdoor furniture will be covered? Hopefully, you’ve already discussed this with your roofing contractor; if not, it’s always best to clarify these details before starting. If a question does pop up or some aspect of the installation isn’t being carried out as previously discussed – bring it up to your job site supervisor as soon as possible.

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