The importance of attic ventilation is often overlooked. It contributes to your home’s comfort, especially during the summer, and plays a key role in extending your roof’s service life.

Today, AIC Roofing and Construction answers the most important questions about attic ventilation:

How Does It Help Lower Cooling Consumption?

Investing in a cool roofing product, like Timberline® Cool Series® Shingle, can help combat intense solar heat, but it can’t regulate your indoor temperature alone. Without a healthy ventilation system in the attic, your home can’t breathe out excessive moisture and heat efficiently. At the height of the muggy season, the underside of your roof would feel like a furnace.

You may not experience the humidity that much when you blast your air conditioner, but your energy bills will surely increase. An overly hot attic takes more electricity to cool than a properly ventilated one.

How Does It Affect Roof Health?

When it comes to asphalt shingle roofing systems, improper attic ventilation is a cause for concern. Heat buildup can cause curling, buckling and blistering, which would compromise the wind resistance and UV light defense of the shingles.

Furthermore, the lack of efficient ventilation traps moisture in the attic, which can spell trouble for building materials. Water, be it in liquid or gas form, doesn’t mix with metal or wood, accelerating their corrosion and decay, respectively. Moist environments serve as a breeding ground for mold growth too.

How Can It Be Improved?

Any experienced roofing contractor would tell you that there’s no universal formula to create proper attic ventilation. To get excellent results, there must be a good combination of intake and exhaust vents depending on the size of the space. Plus, superb insulation is a must to keep and ideal attic climate.

Eliminate the guesswork and turn to AIC Roofing and Construction to assess your home’s attic ventilation. We’ll give your roof a complete checkup, leaving no red flags unspotted and unaddressed. Call us to schedule your free, no-obligation estimate in central Kentucky.

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